Thursday, January 12, 2012

Museum visit

After all these earthquakes it was a pleasure to visit our museum with Scowly the other week. The exhibits fared pretty well I gather and we are back to having visiting exhibits again. I took Scowly along to the World of Wearable Art exhibit. We have never been to the show, it is now held in Wellington so maybe this year the girls and I might get to see it in person instead of on late night TV...anyway, suffice to say there are some fantastically creative people out in the big wide world whose creations have graced the catwalks over the years.

If you go to the website you will see more of the costumes, at the museum they had signs telling us photographs weren't allowed - BUT I didn't see the signs until I had already taken quite a few pix...and also one of the photos I took a British tourist told me off for taking it. I admit I got a tad uppity at being told off by a visitor as to what I could and couldn't do in my own home town. However I'm sure he didn't notice my sarcasm. Much.

Anyway, I took a photo under the black light at one of the exhibits and then 'played' with it when I got home.

First, we have the original photo...

and then the played with version. I'm not too sure which one I like best but am leaning towards the one below. What say you?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New year (belatedly)

What an ending we had to our year, and a similar start to the new one...we were seriously starting to think things might have calmed down beneath our feet but no so it seems not. Forget about keeping calm and carrying on....I am almost at the point of Shutting up and Dealing with it.

No progress yet on our rebuild but we're quietly and cautiously optimistic that come next month things will start to happen - most of NZ shuts down in January for holidays anyway. In fact, I will be on holiday myself from the end of this week until 7 February. Yahoo!!!

During my break I hope to get out and find some wonderful sights to photograph, do cooking and spend quality time with the Scowly and the Whovian (and The Stud of course). We have already set aside a day or two for watching Dr Who re-runs - can't wait, and I have been instructed to make a Dalek cake for a certain birthday in August.

AND we will be heading to Wellington for a day or two (to annoy dear Pixie) and to visit the museum and view the fabulous Wedding Dress exhibition. 
Watch this space!