Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Tipple

Frankly I am not sure there is anything strong enough to tippple. Seems we have hit a brick wall with our rebuild, extremely unhelpful insurance company, vindictive insurance rep and a nasty project manager do not a happy home make!!

However, on we go with the kind of determination that has seen us thusfar. I am getting tired of being stoic but thats the best I can do these days.
I had some 'me' time in Wellington recently with my good buddy, Pixie (who is fab but a lazier blogger than me so I won't link you! :-) and I will bore you with that when I have sorted some photos. IN the mean time, let's pull up a chair and get the glasses out (the clean ones at the back of the cupboard if you don't mind, cheers) and this is what we will have - something I haven't had in years A REDHEAD IN BED. Luckily for you I am far too mature to make sleazy jokes about this but I am sure I can rely on the usual suspects to make them for me!!
We are going to need VODKA, and a martini glass (or three);
- 2 parts citrus vodka (use an egg cup if you haven't got a real measuring glass, or if you're really in dire straights just use a wine glass)
- splash of lemon juice
- muddled strawberries (did I mention this is an expensive drink for those of us in the Southern Hemishpere at this time of year? The buggers are about $7.00 in our local supermarket so if you're stretched just used canned ones)
- simple syrup.
Pour the ingredients one at a time into martini glass, garnish with a strawberry (or not, for those truly economically-minded drinkers just wave a picture of a strawberry at the glass)
There, isn't this just great just the wee group of us swigging on the porch....sing along with me now,