Sunday, March 15, 2015

Good foundations....

And now we have the start of the boxing...great start at least! I guess you can tell we are pretty excited about all this, will try not to bore you with it!!

The programme the Whovian and I are now locked into is Vikings....a far cry from DT and his companions (altho' we did watch Broadchurch Season 1 recently...bit of a let down really) but we quite like the strong female characters and of course, some of those Viking boys sans shirts aren't too bad either!! Not sure it is historically completely accurate but it is a good programme if you're not too squeamish.

This week I am heading to Dargaville (tomorrow actually) so am hoping the cyclone will have blown itself out of puff by the time I board my plane! Maybe "Pam" can lend some of her puffery to Mr Clarkson - he may be a bit deflated at the moment albeit momentarily I am sure. However, as they say....

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Te Aroha

Have been away with work, get about the country still which I enjoy - means I don't have to do housework at home and all my meals are cooked for me, no tidying up to be done (well, I'm not overly messy anyway so...)

However, it is great to get up into our North Island and see whats going on. Te Aroha for example....

About the only real 'fault' is the lack of really nice restaurants...however, since I'm not cooking I don't really think its a 'thing'. The place we stay at is fabulous, if you are ever out this way it is well worth taking the trip. Greg is a wonderful host, but watch him with your wine....

Anyway, had a bit of progress with the house this week, foundation holes have been dug....

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Second week down

Well, nothing has happened in the past week! 

I have been travelling around a fair bit so it is kind of disappointing nothing has occurred but I keep reminding myself that it has taken us 4 years this far and it is going to happen.

Meantime, our caterpillars that will turn into Monarch butterflies are still doing their thing.

And one of the chooks died (I think I mentioned we had two stray old boilers arrive at our abandoned house?) We named them Trinny and Susannah....and let them stay since they were laying eggs. So RIP Susannah.