Sunday, February 22, 2009


I know they're not supposed to be healthy, even tho' some brands (not of the Russell variety)claim to have the Health Foundation "tick"....I love a good pie. I prefer the mince variety, not fruit mince tho - they should be banned as far as I'm concerned. I will never forget the disappointment I felt having been offered a Christmas Mince Pie, biting into it and...ew, what the hell is that? I thought, no actually I shuddered. Anyway, I digress.

Mince pies of the meat kind is my kinda pie. I even eat them cold. Yes, cold.

BUT apparently thats not as odd as the WAY I eat 'em. I confess, I take their tops off, then I eat them. I peel off the pastry, or the mashed potato top, and put it to one side. And then I eat the pie. I am told that is odd. I don't believe it, surely there must be others out there somewhere who do this? I do eat the top eventually, but only after I have devoured the rest of the pie.

How do you eat yours? I love my pies this way, they taste better. You bet.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life is sooooo odd.

Amanda Stephens ©

Daisy chains and cartwheels
The summer sun
How good it feels
To lie on your back
At the top of the hill
And watch the clouds roll by

Am just back from this couples 60th wedding anniversary.
It is fantastic to report, they seem just as happy as now as they seem in this photo. This photo taken on 8 January 1949. 60myears. Jaysus Mary and Joseph. (well, they're catholic. I am sure I can be excused) fanbloodytastic. 60 years with the same person. Imagine.
Do you think Alfie and Chantelle will get this far?
Decided to add a Kiwi band, albeit YONKS after Marg and John said "I do".

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Its funny what you find in secondhand bookshops

I have often wondered how people came to name their blogs, is their title chosen at random? Does it have a second, hidden meaning that only they know? (And given the anonymousness of most blgs this would be believable). Did someone choose it for them? Was the one they wanted already taken and they had to improvise?(yes, thats what happened to me...)
Anyway, I was prowling through a few second hand bookshops this weekend, looking for the odd treasure or even just something that caught my eye as I love books, even the feel of really old smelly ones that have been left alone too long. And look! I found this book, in a wee shop tucked away in New Brighton. Of course, I am keen to hear from anyone about how they named their blog but I have been thinking now about Brother Tobias and am eagerly awaiting his view on my find and it's relevance to him (if there is any).......

Friday, February 13, 2009

Inhale deeply.....

Friday night. Cut yourselves loose, lovies!

Have just been watching Martin Scorsese's "Shine a light".

Sometimes one should let the music do the talking. This is one of those times.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hot stuff

Like possibly the rest of the country at least, I have been gobsmacked by the fires in Australia. How ironic also that in another part of Australia they have flooding. The Australian's must be wondering what they did wrong to have such crap visited upon their golden shores.

Stories of horror and heroes abound, but I find I can't actually watch the news anymore. How lucky that I can turn my face away and for just a moment forget about it. If only those living through it had that luxury.

And imagine that some low-life pondscum has actually lit some of these fires on purpose. Go figure. Its hard to imagine that, letalone imagining what sort of "justice" could be delivered if they are ever caught. What would you do if it were up to you? And how these people that have suffered such tragic times ever rebuild their lives? I know tohers in unfortunate countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa also have tragedy as their bed does anyoneget on with it?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Music talks today

I love this song.

And I adore this one too.

Am back home with my cosy couch and the wine glass that fits my hand.......

Monday, February 02, 2009

When is enough, enough?

Well, for starters let me say that I could NEVER get enough of sunsets like this one. Brisbane at sunset, fantastic. And it was still hot. Magical in reality.
I had a bit too much of this wine, I had to try it on name alone! However, after about 2 bottles I decided it was a bit sweet (unlike me) so passed over to other things. It's actually a French wine and I should be shot with a ball of my own spit for going to Australia and quaffing French plonk. However, one must try these things I say weakly in my own defense.

Now then, the Sydney Aquarium is worthwhile visiting, once you get past the stinging entry price! I took this pic of a shark which the locals insist wouldn't really hurt you. Riiiiight. I guess if it's a man-eating shark, that would be true then!

And I know I have mentioned the Dugongs...nearest living relative is an elephant apparently! However, they were amazing things to see - who could imagine such a creature? (Other than maybe J.K. Rowling). There were two of these "on display" - they really seemed as agile as seals but moved slowly, almost rythmically and seemed rather bored. This guy just slid up to where I was standing a looked at me!

This is the in-laws Evil Dog From Hell ( to rival Mike's EKOD). This dog is positively E-V-I-L. You never know if it is going to insist on a tummy rub, or bite your hand off. He's so nasty, he would do both. And then pee on you.
One night while In Brisbane, us 'grown ups" went out. The Old Wrinklies (AKA the in-laws) went out first, leaving EDFH (real name Hercules) behind. As I went out to our car, I bent down to pat him, reassuringly - remember, all day he had "let" me rub his evil little fat dog stomach. Well, he snapped at me. Ungrateful little shite. I gave him the finger and laughed saying we were going out but he wasn't. That showed him.

And, these gecko things are everywhere. They make a sound like when you bang two stones together. I don't know why. However, they eat the smaller bugs round the house so no-one seems to mind them popping up in funny places like your bed head, your cellphone or your underwear. 'ELSE" minds.
Just me, apparently.