Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good grief!

I had no idea how long it has been since I last called in here!!

Have been busy with poor Ernie the Handsomest Tabby ever - he is not only diabetic but has glaucoma and a misplaced lense in his eye...still handsome but bung-eyed. Doesn't need a Guide Dog yet tho'. Suffice to say the Vets is his second home recently but he is doing pretty well (both Ernie and the Vet's wallet).

Have been working crazy hours and places, love my new job very much but it does take me away from home a lot.

BIG NEWS - we finally settled with the insurance company last week (only took 4 years) and we are about to start rebuilding our home. Currently it is still standing/leaning and we are to have it demolished sometime in the next few week with The Rebuild contracted to start on 1 March if not before...can't explain how relived we all feel!! As happy as a bee with a bum full of honey!