Friday, August 10, 2012

Frivolous Friday

Ultra-Dry Friday Night Martini Cocktail Ingredients


  • 1. Put some Jazz on the stereo. LOUD.
  • 2. Dump ice into stainless steel shaker.
  • 3. Add Gin and shake.
  • 4. Have your Main Squeeze rinse the olives in cold water while you keep shaking.
  • 5. Phone someone who has vermouth and have them hold the bottle to the phone while you hold your phone to the glasses, keep shaking.
  • 6. Put 3 olives each onto two stainless steel picks, place into glasses.
  • 7. When your hand is so cold you can't stand it anymore, strain contents into glasses.
    This will make two Friday Night Martinis, you wouldn't want to drink alone, and you need someone to rinse the olives while you shake. Make two rounds and then switch to Rolling Stones music and a nice bottle of bubbly.