Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Sunday....

Many years ago now, I moved to Wellington as a fresh-faced kid.

I was still of the ilk that thought people only ever thought and did their best by others.

When I first got to "Welly" I had nowhere to stay. I had advertised in a paper for board. One of my workmates found me a place. "they sound lovely" he said. Ok.

I moved in.

After about 3 weeks, I noticed the couple I lived with had some "odd" friends. They kept odd hours and had lots of different people stay over. They wore bugger-all.

One night, after a few wines and a nice dinner I had cooked, the wife remarked that she thought I needed a "friend". i reminded her that my then-boyfriend was overseas. I would wait until he returned.

She said she understood that, but that "wimmin" have needs and if I ever wanted to, she was "happy" to lend me her husband.

To be honst, I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry. One of life's defining moments I guess. The husband was a skinny, greasy and generally lust-quenching weasel. She, on the other hand, was equally lust-quenching, very chubby, sweaty and bad tempered to boot.

I was 20. I had nowhere else to go. My parents would take days to rescue me.

I did what I thought was best.

I demured. I wittered on about how flattered I was, but that my self control was fine. really. Thanks but no thanks. I learned how to barricade my bedroom door.

I also scanned the papers 'toute suite' and found somewhere else promptly.

I do wonder how well we raise our kids to make good decisions. Do we "molly-coddle" them so much that we think they have to consult us before they even so much as fart, or do we trust them to make their own mistakes? Shoud we? My kids so far seem fine. At the BBQ last night, awash with nurses, my 11 year old remarked that for a bunch of health workers they sure smoked a lot.

This song has been on my mind all weekend. I love it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Spring is sprung...etc

Look at this. WEl Dorado, isn't it lovely? This rose has a wonderful scent as well. I can think of nothing worse than sticking your nose into a fantastic looking rose and inhaling...nothing! (Well, I can but it's early in the night and the kids might still be up....)
We live right next door to a park, aren't thses rhododenrons beautiful?

Oh, this is very pretty.

And here we have a close up of one of our Foxgloves...the bee flew away before I could snap him but aren't they colourful? I like this time of year very much. It is getting near the end of the school year for us, my kids are getting a tad "testy", luckily there are only a few weeks to go and that's it for this year! When I was a kid the summer holidays seemed to last forever, skies were bluer..oh dear. Can you tell I have a birthday coming up?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Downhill to the weekend

Yay, from my desk I can see Friday 4.30pm....and that nice chilled Sauvignon Blanc waiting for me. Perhaps when I get home the kids will be scrubbed clean, dinner waiting on the table and my slippers set out by my favourite chair...oh. Wait. No thats a 50s ad and I'm not a male.

Hm. Ah well, it's nice to dream.

I wanted to share this with you, an old favourite from years ago...a Kiwi band. One night I was in a bar on the wrong side of midnight and met the lead singer. We shared far too much red wine but hell it was fun. He is slightly shorter than me. THAT was worth it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Long weekend

We have a long weekend here in Canterbury, our anniversary day. It means better weather and sleeping in! I have also decided to throw off my funk of the election; the country will get what it voted for but I also think perhaps the Labour Party needed the kick up the southern-most oriface - in some of their policies it was becoming difficult to tell if it was a Red or Blue idea. However, I will be changing the colours on this blog. So. What will be, will be. Sorry to rabbit on....

The bunnies have settled in. They are very sweet and actually developing personalities. I had no idea wabbits did that. I have also trained them to come running when they here me ring a bell cos it means apple slices to them, clever eh?

Look here, we grew our own limes this year! It wasn't easy and they grew best in the greenhouse (or hot house or glass house depending on where ya live) and we put the plant on a heat pad during winter even tho' they were in the hot/green/glass house.

I make a mean Margarita, if I say so myself, and we now have our own supply as I reckon limes are better than lemon juice in just about everything (except cuts, in which case I recommend neither!!)The weekend can just get better...

Or maybe it will deteriorate completely...(I suspect this might be Mike's choice! especially if you check out the Quiz on his blog)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Election Day

We're not allowed to talk up any particular Political party on Election I'll leave this here instead and you can work it out for yourselves which way I hope it all goes over here tonight.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

You can thank Steve for this one

Steve has tagged me for confessing the most embarrassing record I ever bought. I have to say I had more to choose from than I thought I would. Oh dear.

However. I challenge Pixie, Violet Sky , Mike and Meggie to do the same.

Rather than even type it, I have added it for your listening pleasure. And oh gawd, I suppose I have to admit I still singalong to it. there is no hope for me. Caviat Emptor.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Its a case of the hurrieder I go the behinder I get...

However, here I am numb of face but brave of heart bringing to you the 6 most random facts about me that you will ever know.

  1. I have never seen ANY of the Lord of the Rings movies. (Spank me)
  2. As a kid I learned the piano and the guitar.
  3. I once did a "dine and dash"...a friend and I went out with 2 guys, the restaurant was great but took forever to bring us the bill. So. We edged to the door as we figured they would track us down and hand us the bill (this was after asking for the bill several times)...when we made it outside unaccosted, well, I went to get my car with my mate and then we decided to the ditch the 2 guys too.
  4. I am ambidextrous (much to The Stud's delight)
  5. I was on the High school magazine committee (and wasn't shy about publishing my own stuff)
  6. I get the giggles at funerals - no idea why, probably relief that I'm on the right side of the box!

Oh, and I have decided to try and remember to sign off each post with a random music clip. It'll be like a box of chocolates y'all.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pam Ayers got it right!

An early morning dash to the airport last week saw me rushing through the morning tooth brushing and flossing ritual with perhaps more vigour than necessary in ONE SO YOUNG. However, sadly must have flossed too hard and managed to dislodge part of a tooth...a molar no less. Spent the day swanning about in Wellington and doing the meeting thing while trying to book an appointment with my dentist back at home. Friday morning saw me slumped in "The Chair" resigned to the fact that we were facing an extraction. Not sure what hurt more, having the tooth removed or paying for it afterwards.

However here I am Sunday night still with that post-extraction chipmunk face, suffering also an allergy to the medication which means I have a hideous red itchy rash across my face and neck, with half my face still numb!

Oh joy. Pam was right - I wish I'd looked after me teef!