Monday, July 30, 2007

Rain rain go away, there's enough on my lawn today!!

Yesterday I took my camera out for a stroll. I found the sculpture made from remnants of the Twin Towers, it is on display near the Fire Station house. I really liked the shapes of the nails.
Oh, and the sun has just come out. Hooray!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ah, now there's a sight for sore eyes! The Kirkcaldie and Stains buidling in Wellington, with the SALE sign out!!! Of all weeks to be in Welly, the week of Kirk's sale? Oh joy, what luck indeed. I prowled, I poked, I prodded, I elbowed my way to the bins (which in itself can be more bruising than an All Blacks scrum - something I have yet to have the ecstacy of trying).

This was Kirk's as I remembered it and I savoured every jolt, shove and foot-stamping! I left the place in a daze, liberally sprayed with Estee Lauder's "Pleasures" and sashayed to Leuven for a wine (and a whine) with my trusted friend Pixie. What a treat that place is. Greeted by an energetically friendly woman who anticipated our every thirst, I didn't want to catch my flight home. So, I dilly-dallied on the way, we ate frites with mayonnaise and had another Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc until finally, facing the facts, I got a taxi and went to the airport (yes a bit "perky" from the grape juice). Flew home. It was a lovely day.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Look what I found. Took this photo in November last year when we had a weekend away in Blenheim. It rained heaps and there was a lot of flooding. The top of a wooden fence post is on the left of the cross. I later found out more about that cross and who it stands for and I will tell you if you ask me, but what does this photo say to you?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kakanui Beach, looking back towards Oamaru.

Oh but it is cold here. I think we have had the home fires burning for days on end. School holidays and I had a week off. Fun-tastic time with my 2 gals, we went to visit their Gran. It rained all the time and I got a cold.

Do you see those Wax Eyes? they are surely the chubbiest in the South Island if not Australasia courtesy of my mum and her pet roll and bread feeding. They love the sugar water she makes for them. This container was almost empty by the time we came back from our 1 hour trip to the beach!! The beach is only about 250 metres from Gran's house. It is wonderful to be so close, at night you can hear the waves grumbling up the beach and day break brings the gulls skitting about their breakfast. Big sigh.