Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honey, I'm home!

I'm back!
The above photo shows you that the earth really is red in Australia; this picture was taken in the Kingaroy region. We had a great time in this part of "Aussie" while we sampled nuts (oo er!) and wine and cheese!
This spider I am told is a Golden Orb...I am still fascinated by the web it constructed. It looked tough enough to catch low-flying aircraft, let alone anything smaller! I confess to having used the zoom to photograph it tho' and had my "flight" mode on high alert.
This kangaroo seemed more than happy to have his photo taken and I was able to stand almost next to it, there was an enclosure where about 15 'roos were lazing the day away for snap-happy tourists such as myself and even tho' this is about my 6th visit to Australia I love taking pix of these roos.

Got home to a garden looking like a jungle and the sunflowers with faces as big as dinner plates. Thankfully our wonderful neighbours had mowed the lawns in our absence. I started back at work today and am off travelling again in the morning, this time up to Hamilton and on to Te Aroha. Yippee.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brisbane to Sydney and back

I have gained a newfound respect for the typical Aussie sheila. How she can get her make up on, leave the house and arrive at her destination, without the makeup sliding down her face arriving resembling a circus clown, is quite beyond me! I salute you all.

It is 4pm and still 30 degrees.

We had a ball in Sydney, dragged the kids to the Taronga Park Zoo and the Aquarium (saw Dugongs up close!), ventured by ferry to Manly Beach...blogger doesn't seem to like the PC I'm using so photos will have to wait!

I'm sorry to have been remiss in visiting all the usual blogs (and I do miss you all) but it is hard to get PC use...there are 2 teenagers in the house we are visiting with. Plus 2 spoilt cats (Rag Dolls actually). I miss my own bed but am getting a nice tan!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Postcard from Brisbane

Happy New year folks! And let's hope it is eh?

Todays post comes to you from the sweltering cesspot known as Brisbane. It is 36 degrees today, slightly down from 33 yesterday but to be honest it's hard to tell. It is almost like that old argument of how you can tell Vegemite from Marmite (I know, it is that argument that has kept some family meals in chaos for years!!)...the kids have hardly moved from the pool. I have just hardly moved. I feel like I'm getting so fat I'll be from both sides of the family by the time this holiday is over!

We're also popping down to Sydney next week and we hope it will be cooler there. By then I hope to have found the cord-thingy-whatsit to download some pix for you.

Meanwhile, a cool glass of cider is shrieking at me...I can just hear it thru the gushing perspiration coursing past my ears....