Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whistle Wetting Wednesday

Tonight let's get cosy on the couch, chuck a log on the fire and have a, you can choose the music and I'll get the drinks.

Here, have a Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc, I insist! I know it's not quite The Thing for this time of year but yesterday was so warm and sunny and I didn't get to frink it so let's all cink our glasses to new Hump Day drinkies. See y'all here on Wednesdays folks cos...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Three hours south of here...

Three hours south of here is Oamaru. Well, three hours if you go without stopping for ice creams, 'comfy stops', or to threaten to put the kids out to make them walk to Gran's!
When you get there it is worth heading for the old quarter of the town, the SteamPunk HQ.

If you are truly lucky the sun will be shining and in the right place to enable a photograph or two.

If you want, you can stop opff up the road for a 'proper' Olde English Afternoon Tea in the building, not the Church. If you are from Christchurch then you will get nostalgic for the old buildings and, if pressed, will wipe away a tear or two.....

Before again heading south out of Oamaru. If you vere off to the left down any number of raods that seem to lead to Kakanui at the right time of year and in the right rotation of fields, this awaits....

This lone sunflower bucked the trend of it's counterparts to stare right at us!

It was a treat to behold, all of this. But I warn you, I'm baaack!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day trip

Shirley and Margaret set off that day
For a picnic or shopping or just 'away'
The day it was sunny and it was bright
Full of promise and black wasn't white....
Who knew what was going to unfold?

Shirley and Margaret away they went
Everything in its place, nothing bent
The day it was just starting anew
All in its place, nothing askew....
Who knew what was about to unfold?

Shirley and Margaret I wish I knew
Just what it was that happened to you.....
We pass by your crosses and I often sigh
So many people on our roads still die

Going about their business, living their lives
until they take that one fatal drive.....

Sunday, March 04, 2012

All Aboard for Wellington!

In late January we took ourselves off to visit Wellington (and stayed with my dear ol' school mate, Pixie). What a refreshing 3 days it was. We got off the plane and went straight to visit the Weta Cave - home of Peter Jackson special effects etc. I have to confess to being probably the only person in New Zealand who has not ever seen a Lord of the Rings anything! Guilty as charged, spank me!! I can't even explain why - other than I am pretty lazy about movies and prefer books. I have read the books - does that excuse me a little bit?

The next day was full on WELLINGTON! We started off with the main purpose of our visit - a trip to Te Papa so the girls could view the Wedding Dress ehibition - 200 years of Wedding Dresses, which included the gorgeous gown worn by Dita Von Teese. This old building is on the waterfront near the Museum, it is used as a drama theatre. I have to say that it was a bittersweet site for these quake-ravaged Christchurch eyes, such a lovely old building and still intact. I hope that those who can are taking care of this building for the 'what if..." events.

After a morning spent wandering through the museum - which included us going into their earthquake simulator room (it made us laugh, the shaking wasn't quite what we are used to! Are we crazy do you think?) - we ventured further into the wondeful atmosphere that is Cuba Mall. This old bucket water fountain thing has been there forever, it appears to have been painted!
Then we went out for dinner to a Turkish restaurant which treated us and our freinds as if we were long lost family - divine, and the red wine and conversation flowed until it was time to head home....these two looked pretty fancy for that part of town after dark...
while we pondered what hair do we could possibly wake up with or wear for the next day.....

And to finish it off, here's a treat some one the bands I used to go and see when I lived in Welly....