Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When did that happen?

The Stud and I went out on Saturday night. Nothing spectacular you might think, but we haven't really been out for ages in the way that marrieds with kids eventuate. Anyway, it transpired that our ex-neighbours' 19 year old son had gotten engaged at Christmas and he was having his engagement party.
I have a thing about gift registries - I avoid them. I like to get someone what I'd like to get them, thats just me - is it you too? We bought them a lovely tea pot and a used spoon holder thing in the shape of a big spoon. Every young couple should have a tea pot. End of buying gift story.

We got glammed up. Considering we turned down the Scowly Teen's generous offer to dress us for the event since apparently we don't know how to dress for a party, I think we scrubbed up pretty well.

We drove off and headed for the venue. We got lost. That was a major surprise to us as we had been advised the 'do' was at the Fire Station in such-n-such street and you think we would be able to spot something as imposing as a Fire Station! However, as it turned out the invitation had directed us to the wrong street. Finally arriving an hour later than the invite suggested, we made our entrance.

The place was decorated very nice and the place was buzzing with happy young folks and older folks, the lighting was flattering for the latter group. The young kids all looked so fab and trendy, and HAPPY. The older folks also glammed up and HAPPY.

Thats when it struck me  (and don't get me wrong, we had a really nice time) but when did we turn into the 'older folks' that you invite to your bash 'cos you're friends of the parents?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Tipple

A Pretty Woman is the order for today....

30ml Peach Liqueur
20ml Vodka
80ml Ruby Red Grapefruit juice
40ml Cranberry juice
1 small lime (I love limes so much, we have actually managed to grow some this far south in our hot house!)
1 cup ice

Place peach liqueur, vodka, juice and 1 lime quarter in a shaker and SSHHAAAAAAKE vigorously. Strain into a highball glass over the ice, garnish with the remaining lime wedges.

And of course, predictably, sing along with this one....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Goodbye, DT

Aw, it was such a sweet wee ending...the plaintive wee face, big puppy-dog eyes and the "I don't want to go..: it was almost too much. Lucky I had a hangover and was trying super hard to stay awake, otherwise I suspect I would have had a wine and tear or two!

Yes, we watched the final of the End of Time featuring David Tennant and others. I couldn't quite fathom the 'farewell' tour of past characters, the quick visit to save Martha one last time and  seeing Donna finally get married. Also, the cameo from Rose (is it me, or has that girl not been eating? I thought she looked ill and all mouth!!) The ol' granddad did a stirling job in these 2 episodes and I hope we see him again. I thought the time-lords thing was a bit out of the air but then again Timothy Dalton has always annoyed the bejesus out of me so it wouldn't have mattered what part he was going to play. There was some debate as to whether or not the mysterious woman who kept appearing to Grand-dad and was seen at the end covering her face was DT"s mother??? But we have never heard of any of the Drs having parents so that was dismissed as a silly idea.

When the new Doctor emerged, our resident Whovian shouted at him to "Get that suit off, you can't wear that! You're not worthy..." so I guess it will remain to be seen how this new Doctor scrubs up. I might be biased but he did seem rather manic and weird....

ANYWAY, while it may be cheesy, here's a farewell song for our lad - hope to see him on our screens again someday!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Daisy and Gretel's big day out

 This one is Daisy - he had been running about the yard and decided to take a break, much to the relief of my daughter who is attached to the other end of the leash. We have to keep them 'leashed' as there are too many escape hatches in our yard!

Then Gretel had his turn, we can't let them out together as Daisy is a bit of a bully, and he has already ripped his brothers nuts off at a huge financial cost to me and no doubt psychological cost to Gretel...

But they do like to visit each other from the safety of the other side!

I wonder what they are talking about?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How much is that doggie in the window?

Just down the road from my office is an Antique store. I love antiques and I always peek in the window to see what the guy has added. I only had my cellphone camera but snapped this wee pooch, he usually sleeps in one of the old chairs out on the foot path (pavement to some) but it is drizzling today and he is keeping watch at the door. His name is George. Isn't he cute?
I had a chat to the store owner once and commented on the dog as I had a spaniel called Cindy when I was little, she was a honey colour and had the longer face. Anyway, the owner told me that he always gets a black spaniel just like this one and he always calls his spaniels George and that THIS George was really number 4. 

I suppose that takes the hassle out of deciding what to call your pet but to me that is part of the magic of gaining a pet. 

Sometimes when we get stray cats in the yard we try and guess what their name is...most respond to "Get out of here". How do you decide what to call your pets?

And yes, you guessed it....I loved this song as a child (showing my age)...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuesday Tipple

Ah, an oldy but a goody today I reckon...

Irish Coffee

1 teaspoon brown sugar
30ml Irish whiskey
120ml hot black coffee
fresh cream

Put sugar into the bottom of serving glass (or mug) and cover with the Irish whiskey (yes, with an "e" cos I knows me drinks, I do).
Top with coffee and mix well. Float the cream on top - now there's two ways of doing this. You can dribble it in via the back of a spoon so that it floats properly and doesn't mix in with the rest of it. OR you can lightly whip the cream, not so it stands on end but just lightly. And then you can carefully spoon it onto the surface of the drink, garnish with grated chocolate!

I prefer the second method myself, but whatever rips your nightie, knock a few back and singalong with Peggy!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Dr Who?

The above photo is not mine and I will happily remove it if requested to do so.

We viewed the first part of The End of Time last night. I have to say it's been ages in coming, not sure who is in charge of programming at Prime TV but they need a big fat nudge.

Anyway, we thought DT was at his best over the top last night but I suspect it is due to his character knowing the end is near...The Master did my head in with his crazy laugh and the close ups of him scoffing food was stomach turning on its own! We liked the green spiky people, and DT's reference to a short red one had us laughing. I am also a bit sad that Rose isn't being shown as his possible 'bestie' - I do like Donna but he seemed to be more into Rose. Maybe its cos I'm blond....however, part 2 is being looked forward to only in as much as how it ends, we're big David Tennant fans in our house and even tho' we haven't seen much of his Dr in the past 12 months or so, we really aren't looking forward to seeing him regenerate.

So, here's a nice wee song from a Kiwi Band "The Feelers" - sorry it's a photo job and not a proper video. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ernie revisited

As you can see, Ernie is pretty happy with his lot these days. He has gone from being a fly-by-night Tom, to a round-the-house Mummy's boy, follows me everywhere and has even started climbing onto my lap for a snuggle. he is great company. he is also very heavy and eats like there is no tomorrow. He is rather a heavy-harry to our other cat, Lynx but often they will eat from the same bowl at the same time without even a growl. I am keeping out of the cat politics around that.

Isn't he cute? And I'll leave you with this old tune from one of New Zealand's old faces, Graham Brazier. Top bloke.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday Tipple

My first week back at work after the holiday break...I need a Stinger!

45ml brandy
15ml white creme de menthe 

Pour all ingredients into mixing glass filled with ice, stir then strain into a serving glass. I'd use a cocktail glass, no garnish.

And now, for some good fun Kiwi music from the Coalrangers!