Saturday, February 23, 2013

This time 2 years ago....

This time 2 years ago, we were having to use a bucket under some discretely placed tarpaulin to do our business, had to haul water from a well and dine by candlelight on rapidly defrosting food in whatever order it was thawing out fastest!

Today, the sun is out and we had a few shakes over night - but to be honest I think it's time I straightened and flew right! The caterpillars are back in the yard we can't live in (all power to them, they won't let a poxy insurance company dictate where and when they will do their thing) and they look pretty good, don't you think?

We have seen dwindling numbers of Monarch Butterflies over the years so we are hoping our lot will at least brighten someone's day when the finally emerge resplendant!

We still are no closer to having our own home rebuilt but the Insurance company at least have decided they would like to attempt discussion - so! Lawyers back on their leashes and we will see if common sense will prevail.

I had three weeks off work over January and I think I am finally ready to face the world again. Hopefully your livers will be up to my return to the blogosphere. Cheers! Make mine a double.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Summertime and the living is easy....

Another great sunny day here and we are going to a free concert in the park, taking a picnic and going to chill out before I head back to work tomorrow. Yup - have had the past 3 weeks off and have loved every nano second of it. I switched off the cellphone and tossed it into a drawer, it isn't being liberated until 8am Monday 4 February. So there.

While I have been away from work, I have embarked on a family project. You ,know the sort - loads of photos and a heap of 'where the hell do I start"?  This one is of my mum and myself - I'm the short one.

This project is pretty cool, having unusual family surnames has made it a bit easier to trace back the generations - to the Scots on Dad's side to the English on mum's. So - will be interesting to see what else I can dig up. Mum has a 'significant' birthday this month and we are all gathering (not like vultures0 for a celebration in her wee town of Kaknui. The locals won't know what's hit them!

So, while I am down here sunning myself and trying to ignore that yucky feeling of 'work tomorrow' - since you can't join me for the picnic you can atleast enjoy the artist we are hearing for free this arvo. Enjoy! And spot ya round the watercooler...

Friday, February 01, 2013

Meanwhile back in the park...

Free concert in the park on Sunday's - it's been great, especially with the weather being so fabulous. This photo shows the dash on my car yesterday recording the outside temperature on the left...

Yep, suffice to say we have been having it pretty hot!

Anyway, back to the park. This mother duck was parading her young about the place and they stopped off for a swim (as ducks are wont to do) and seemed oblivious to the statue behind them. I thought it was rather cute. And then I went home and had a cold Feijoa Cider to quench my thirst!