Sunday, September 06, 2015

Our house is a very very fine house...

Well, we're getting there slowly, a few hiccups on the way and the biggest one is the problem that internal windows that should be rimu are pine. So that will delay things while they get them out and get it right!!

Still - the ol' girl is slowly starting to look like she used to....

The recreation of the chimney stack is impressive, and the placement of the house is spot on because some bulbs are starting to come through where they always have done!! Amazingly resilient considering the digger demolished the house and scraped the section!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Window frames getting ready for fitting...good job too as it is pretty cold here at the moment!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

House progress

So the progress has been impressive...still on target to be home in a few months time (after 4 long bloody last).

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Its enough to bring you chills

Winter has arrived with all the appeal of a door to door sales rep. 

I have been away with work, travelling way down to the bottom of our South Island to Mossburn. I do actually enjoy visiting down here, weather aside. I even went for an evening walk (albeit as cold as witches tits).

 Saw this chap guarding the vege patch...while it seems even Disney has ventured this far south....
 The local dairy, where I had to purchase some thermal socks.....
 And the local accommodation (where I was advised I had arrived on a good night cos there were some truckers in!)

I have to say I gave the truckers a miss (I know, I know - where is my adventurous spirit??)

Sunday, April 26, 2015


So - the builders have been busy boys...look!!

And now, this is how it looked on Friday....

We are pretty pleased with this rate of progress I have to say!! The builder boy said the roof should be going on around 18 May (yes, THIS YEAR) so yep...yay!!

How have y'all been anyway? Am so busy scooting about the countryside with my (not so new now) job, hardly ever get to stop by anymore.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Good foundations....

And now we have the start of the boxing...great start at least! I guess you can tell we are pretty excited about all this, will try not to bore you with it!!

The programme the Whovian and I are now locked into is Vikings....a far cry from DT and his companions (altho' we did watch Broadchurch Season 1 recently...bit of a let down really) but we quite like the strong female characters and of course, some of those Viking boys sans shirts aren't too bad either!! Not sure it is historically completely accurate but it is a good programme if you're not too squeamish.

This week I am heading to Dargaville (tomorrow actually) so am hoping the cyclone will have blown itself out of puff by the time I board my plane! Maybe "Pam" can lend some of her puffery to Mr Clarkson - he may be a bit deflated at the moment albeit momentarily I am sure. However, as they say....

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Te Aroha

Have been away with work, get about the country still which I enjoy - means I don't have to do housework at home and all my meals are cooked for me, no tidying up to be done (well, I'm not overly messy anyway so...)

However, it is great to get up into our North Island and see whats going on. Te Aroha for example....

About the only real 'fault' is the lack of really nice restaurants...however, since I'm not cooking I don't really think its a 'thing'. The place we stay at is fabulous, if you are ever out this way it is well worth taking the trip. Greg is a wonderful host, but watch him with your wine....

Anyway, had a bit of progress with the house this week, foundation holes have been dug....

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Second week down

Well, nothing has happened in the past week! 

I have been travelling around a fair bit so it is kind of disappointing nothing has occurred but I keep reminding myself that it has taken us 4 years this far and it is going to happen.

Meantime, our caterpillars that will turn into Monarch butterflies are still doing their thing.

And one of the chooks died (I think I mentioned we had two stray old boilers arrive at our abandoned house?) We named them Trinny and Susannah....and let them stay since they were laying eggs. So RIP Susannah.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

First week down

So - just an almost bare section now...some timber arrived on Friday for the boxing for the foundations (as a guess). Cannot quite believe that we are finally at this point! The garage is remaining for now, the builders will use it for storage etc and then their plan is to lift it, straighten it and plonk it back down once they have redone the concrete pad it sits me it would be cheaper and faster to demolish it and chuck up a new one but hey!! what do I know!

The concrete pool is being lined with a fibre glass inner once the bottom concrete pad has been relaid...(pinch pinch pinch)

They reckon it will take a maximum of 32 weeks until the house is rebuilt and we can finally go home!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Only took four years BUT.....

So. Yesterday we finally had our earthquake damaged home demolished...only took 4 years and a few Court actions but hey!! This now means that they have to begin rebuilding 1 March if not before....they reckon a 32 weeks build for this so am planning Christmas THIS YEAR in our own home. So excited.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sounds like Sunday

Slight breezer and sunny...the crickets are singing up a is mowing lawns as it is too hot...time to kick back, fill the glass with a nice crisp Pinot Gris and listen to:-

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good grief!

I had no idea how long it has been since I last called in here!!

Have been busy with poor Ernie the Handsomest Tabby ever - he is not only diabetic but has glaucoma and a misplaced lense in his eye...still handsome but bung-eyed. Doesn't need a Guide Dog yet tho'. Suffice to say the Vets is his second home recently but he is doing pretty well (both Ernie and the Vet's wallet).

Have been working crazy hours and places, love my new job very much but it does take me away from home a lot.

BIG NEWS - we finally settled with the insurance company last week (only took 4 years) and we are about to start rebuilding our home. Currently it is still standing/leaning and we are to have it demolished sometime in the next few week with The Rebuild contracted to start on 1 March if not before...can't explain how relived we all feel!! As happy as a bee with a bum full of honey!