Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rapid passing of time....

"Is 5 minutes a long time?" a young child asked me once

"It depends on what you are waiting for - if you're waiting at the dentist it isn't very long at all but if you're waiting for the post to arrive with your present from Grandma it is ages." I replied

Not sure when it happened but suddenly my little brother has all grown up and now runs his own business...seems like only yesterday I tried to take him to school in my doll's pram for 'show and tell' class time (that school now about to have it's 50th jubilee celebrations later this year). 

Mum stopped me at the gate, I have never been too sure if she horrified at my apparent 'kidnapping' or the fact that the cat used to sleep in the pram that I had plopped my baby brother in. My older brother thought it was cool idea but as I recall he wasn't much help to me once Mum rumbled me.

And now, well we all live in different parts of our country. My older brother way down South but luckily I get that way with my job so get to see him and his family regularly. I also get to see my younger brother and his family by virtue of the same job (which I love by the way, have I mentioned that??) so time is still passing rapidly but in a good way.

What - me nostalgic?