Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tipple

You will be thrilled to know that instead of encouraging you all to imbibe, I shall also be encouraging you to EAT something nice and nibbly to go with the Tipple.

I have a friend who works in an area concerning alcohol consumption rules and regs and I am sure she will be delighted with this innovation.

So, let's get crazy today. Let's have a.....


ice cubes
25 ml Vodka
25 ml Cointreau
25 ml lime juice cordial (if you like a really sour drink, just use real lime juice)

Put ice in a small tumbler and pour over the Vodka, Cointreau and lime juice cordial. Stir well and have a seat - then drink up!

Have some Devilled Brazils to go with it.

225g brazil nuts
50g butter
10ml olive oil or corn oil
5 ml each dry mustard and paprika
5 ml each of celery salt and garlic salt.

Slice nuts fairly thickly (hard to slice 'em think anyway), fry gently in butter and oil for 3-4 minutes or until a pale golden colour turning them often. remove from pan, drain, and sprinkle with seasonings. Serve hot or cold 0- they're delicious either way!

And because I'm feeling mellow,  we can cruise along with Otis! (Fill me up, Bar Keep!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tipple

I am starting to think we need more Tuesday's in the week, is that bad?
Yes, I know I have posted this one before, but I like it so here it is again!

Between the sheets

3/4 ounce Cognac
3/4 ounce light rum
3/4 ounce Cointreau
1 dash lemon juice

Shake all ingredients together, with ice, shake and strain into cocktail glass.

In my previous post I neglected this clip, so here it is now for your enjoyment and edification! Apologies for those who don't like lyrics, this is the best I could find.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentine's Day, also known as Biggest Disappointment Ever Day. Altho' I am sure there are people for whom every day is Valentine's Day (quick, pass me a bucket...) I thought that I would pay tribute to the Anti-Woo today. Our radio stations are making me ill with their lovey dovey music selections, the rose pimps are all out in force so here are some of my selections for my radio station if I had one, in no particular order:-

Boom Boom Out Go the Lights - this would have to be one of the least romantic and certainly "un-pc" songs ever. I like it. In fact, as a bit of useless knowledge and a boring fact our Scowly Teen LOVED this as a baby when she was in her Jolly Jumper.

Dump That Chump - again, this group never fails to get their sassy messages across. Self explanatory I think for this one.

The richest man in the graveyard - I have several CDs by this group - can you tell?

And Eartha Kitt is a must have for the anti-woo list. Well, ok maybe I just like this song...

So the wrap up my list, how about this one from the J. Geils band. I'm sure I have missed heaps, so what would you have on your list of Anti-Woo?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tuesday Tipple

Look, I know some people don't want to know this but it's been so hot here lately that this weeks quaffer is very simple. You won't break out a sweat making this baby!!

chilled white wine
chilled soda water

Pour equal quantities of ingredients into a wine glass.
Thats it. Go ahead, have some....

Friday, February 04, 2011

Freaky Friday

I completely forgot what I was looking for on YouTube last night after I found this...this one's for my darling boy, Ernie.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesday Tipple

Thank goodness - it's Tuesday. I've only been back at work two days so far but crikey, am starting to think we need more Tuesdays per week!!

How about a HARRY'S PICK-ME-UP

1 ounce cognac
2 tsp lemon juice
2 dashes of grenadine
Sparkling wine or champagne for topping up

Shake the cognac, lemon juice and grenadine together with ice, in the shaker then strain into a champagne flute. Top up with sparkling wine.

Actually, am thinking prehaps I should get a sign on my forehead saying "top up with sparkling wine or champagne", wonder how much trouble I could get in to!!.

Enjoy the drink and 'pretend' you are where ever you want to be...