Saturday, June 28, 2014


Sunrise at Kakanui - has to be one of the most beautiful scenes...had a visit to see how the ol' stepfather is getting along. I have had to time it in with my new job (since I don't have much leave owing at the moment). Now that it is wintery, he is feeling the lonelies...longer evenings and colder days. He has a terminal chest condition, we don't know when "it" will get him but we know it will. 

He is happy at Kakanui, it is near the sea and at night you can lye in bed hearing the waves arguing it out with the rocks; and in the mornings the seagulls herald the new day with their enthusiastic bickering and what belongs to who! He has good neighbours, and is quite the social butterfly with dinner invitations and visitors dropping in. It is a relief to us all that he is happy there. When it rains, the neighbours even go to the dairy and collect his mail for him.

A great place to retreat to.....

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Semi Silent Sunday

This is what you find on the back roads round Timaru and why it takes me so long to get from A to B...who couldn't but stop and take photos of these!

All these homes are around a portion of Timaru with references to Phar Lap. Just another great that those Aussies try to claim as their the Pavlova, Russell Crowe and Keith Urban....