Monday, June 04, 2007

Ah, the wonderful weather continues! Usually at Queen's Birthday wkd you can bank on some crap weather at some point but this year we have lucked out BIG TIME. Sunny and "chocolate box" weather, clear blues skies and stuff all wind. Perfect. Our wedding anniversary too so even more special. We had some visitors from Sydney, so decided to fire up our pizza oven and make our own. We even concocted a Black Pudding Pizza, with (surprise) Black pudding, feta and pickled onions on our homemade tomato sauce. The Significant Other made the pizza base himself. Great night, food washed down with some very cheeky bubblies and forthright reds. I think we even managed a spot of dancing into the wee hours.

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Pixie said...

yum. I should've been there. get phone numbers next time. of the firemen that is. for your single friends.