Thursday, October 30, 2008

Over the hills and far away...

I have driven over 800 kilometres since we last yapped! So, pull up a chair, get yourself a cuppa and let's see...I drove to my brother's 50th birthday bash in Invercargill. It was a long drive especially with Scowly and 11 year old in the back seat!

However, yes it was my OLDER brother since you ask. Cheeky!

It's a pretty part of the country and was actually very green, a symbol of all the rain lately.

Here is a place called Shag Point. Seems well named according to The Stud, he answered nature's call and reported several pairs of wimmin's knickers in the bushes!! You'll be thrilled to know there are pix of them.

Here is a view of Bluff, there is a narrow causeway between Bluff and heading back to Invercargill. It was a freezing cold day with hail and everything.
This is a wee beach at Land's End, no good for sunbathing eh?
We took the kids out for dinner on our first night in Invercargill. To a restaurant named Big Willy's. This is the ladies loo door. You can imagine the boys loo door!! To be honest, it was not the best meal ever. Our steaks were ok but considering they called themselves a family restaurant our kids meals arrived pretty much just as us adults were licking our plates clean!

This is Lake Waihola, and we had a cuppa tea and whitebait sandwiches here on our way south. The sandwiches are basically fritters/patties between bread. Yum. I like mine with vinegar but then again I like vinegar sandwiches too.

Drove home 465 kms in one day. It was tiring but they make red wine for that eh? (After the driving, mate, AFTER the driving!!

And becasue you have been good kids while I've been away, here's a treat for you


Brother Tobias said...

Quite a trip - and lovely photo's. Not to mention whitebait (Mmm). I'm deeply envious in frost-bound Britain. Heart-rending 'Catch the Wind' too. But 'Big Willy's Sports Bar and Grill'? What's a 'Sports Bar'? Do they hurl your beer at you - three strikes and you're out? Frisbee plates of steak and chips? Do you have to wear a jockstrap?

Steve said...

Big Willy's and Shag Point... it sounds like you live in Carry On Land!

The Sagittarian said...

BT - Well,over here a sports bar is just a fancy name for a pub with a big screen TV where yobs can go to watch the sport of their choice. Here it's usually thugby or netball, and horse racing - but your ideas sound much more fun!

Steve - oddly enough I watched a lot of Carry On movies when I was younger! Ah, Sid there's a face that's been lived in!

Mike said...

This would have been a better story if you had told us you got a Big Willy at Shag point, but I'll accept it as it is just because it is one of your stories.

Sounds like fun and road trips are always the very best!

Old Cheeser said...

Amanda - I agree with Steve - carry on NZ!!

And all that talk of food is making me hungry - once again you are selling NZ to all of us ...

The Sagittarian said...

Mike - that would have been my idea of a better weekend away too!

Simon - lovely to have you drop by..and you are welcome to visit!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Wow, do they do a check to make sure no little willies sneak in?

'Family restaurants' are often the worst re quality of food. And why would kids need different vitamin-free menus anyway?

Scenery looks good though, especially 'Bluff'.