Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is post number 200 for me! How tedious for you all.

A bit of Kiwi music is in order I reckon to mark this occasion. The lead singer from this group, Opshop, comes from my city. Also, its a song that I think Brother Tobias' daughter could do...if she had a mind to, that is.


Steve said...

Happy bicentenary! May you have 200 more!

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks Steve, you do realise that you were about the third person to actually leave me a comment! So, thanks so much for your perserverance!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh congratulations (Yuck, whenever I say that word it reminds me of Cliff).

200 is pretty impressive. I can't remember when I started to come here but it was a while ago now. I think I must have found you through Steve?

I'm glad I did anyway.

Where's my drink? You can't celebrate an anniversary without a drink in your hand. Well, I can't.

Rol said...

Happy 200th... what's the name of that band & song - I like.

The Sagittarian said...

RB - Thanks, I'm working on a drink for you...I put my glass down for a moment to type this and now I can't find it...will have to get another!

Rol - They are called "Opshop" and that song is Maybe. They have a few, I'm pestering my kids to buy the album for me for Xmas (since they didn't get it for my birthday, wee sods. One song off that they use here for a Post ad (called One Day), great band tho and I'm glad you like 'em.

The villager: said...

Though I'm only a recent follower, happy 200 !

Steve said...

It's been one helluva ride, chuck, but I'm here for the duration! ;-)

Rol said...

Sorry - I misread you original post, I thought you meant the lead singer was called Oshop, not the band.

Brother Tobias said...

Thanks Amanda. Good song; I'll show her it when she gets home. You must see them live now and then? And big congratulations; the second hundred has got to have been harder than the first, but they just get more entertaining.

Mike said...

And a most happy 200 to you.

I hope we get at least 200 more.

The Sagittarian said...

Villager - thanks, and you are more than a welcome addition!

Aw, Steve - you're great buddy. Thanks sincerely.

Rol - hm. I re-read my post and can see why. My English teacher would be churning in his grave (but he's not dead so i suspect he's marinating in anger instead....)

BT - seriously, I reckon she would put her own stamp on that song and own it! Thanks for the good wishes.

Mike - welcome back you reprobate! I'm not sure about 200 more...will "suck it and see" as we say here. Gawd knows what your imagination will do with that!!

Old Cheeser said...

A belated *CONGRATULATIONS* on your 200th post and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, as well, Amanda!! Have a fab one down under!

And what's the teenager getting by way of Dr Who pressies this year, pray?

S x

matty said...

Happy blogging milestone! Music is always good! Sending you a warm hug and a wish for a very happy holidays!
love and kisses,

The Sagittarian said...

Simon, darling - welcome back, great to see you! Thanks for the Christmas wishes and same to you and yours. The kid got the Dr Who board game, plus a Dr Who 2009 Album (book) plus a TARDIS which makes all the right noises. She's very happy. Oh. And she got some red Dr Who shoes.

Matty - hello. lovey! Thanks for visiting. I am guilty of "lurking" on your site, but merrry christmas to you, B and Bagel oh and Lola! xx