Monday, February 02, 2009

When is enough, enough?

Well, for starters let me say that I could NEVER get enough of sunsets like this one. Brisbane at sunset, fantastic. And it was still hot. Magical in reality.
I had a bit too much of this wine, I had to try it on name alone! However, after about 2 bottles I decided it was a bit sweet (unlike me) so passed over to other things. It's actually a French wine and I should be shot with a ball of my own spit for going to Australia and quaffing French plonk. However, one must try these things I say weakly in my own defense.

Now then, the Sydney Aquarium is worthwhile visiting, once you get past the stinging entry price! I took this pic of a shark which the locals insist wouldn't really hurt you. Riiiiight. I guess if it's a man-eating shark, that would be true then!

And I know I have mentioned the Dugongs...nearest living relative is an elephant apparently! However, they were amazing things to see - who could imagine such a creature? (Other than maybe J.K. Rowling). There were two of these "on display" - they really seemed as agile as seals but moved slowly, almost rythmically and seemed rather bored. This guy just slid up to where I was standing a looked at me!

This is the in-laws Evil Dog From Hell ( to rival Mike's EKOD). This dog is positively E-V-I-L. You never know if it is going to insist on a tummy rub, or bite your hand off. He's so nasty, he would do both. And then pee on you.
One night while In Brisbane, us 'grown ups" went out. The Old Wrinklies (AKA the in-laws) went out first, leaving EDFH (real name Hercules) behind. As I went out to our car, I bent down to pat him, reassuringly - remember, all day he had "let" me rub his evil little fat dog stomach. Well, he snapped at me. Ungrateful little shite. I gave him the finger and laughed saying we were going out but he wasn't. That showed him.

And, these gecko things are everywhere. They make a sound like when you bang two stones together. I don't know why. However, they eat the smaller bugs round the house so no-one seems to mind them popping up in funny places like your bed head, your cellphone or your underwear. 'ELSE" minds.
Just me, apparently.


VioletSky said...

Well, the sunset is stunning. And the Arrogant Frog is a neat label. As for the rest, good thing there's a bit of pond between you all.

meggie said...

Hi Amanda, Great to see you are home, & you have made me laugh over the EDFH! I love that you gave him the finger! that will teach the little bugger!
We are afraid our Leo might get like that. He can be quite antisocial, but has never bitten a guest.

The Sagittarian said...

Hi Violet - I agree, and I'm sure you are eager to hear my account of having klived with rellies for a month!!

Meggie - It's good to be home too! Yeah, that EDFH is a spoilt wee bugger to be sure. Hercules, ha!

The villager: said...

Fantastic picture of the sky !

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Wow - what an amazing sunset - volcanic almost!

And are those mannatees or 'sea cows' I see at the Aquarium?

Those geckos are pretty cute but I wouldn't want them poppping up in my underclothes either!

justme said...

Lovely pictures! I would have had to try that wine too!

Steve said...

I can practically hear that dog growling the Omen theme tune... looks like he's about to leap up and savage the camera. I recommend bungee choke chains. Dead funny and I guarantee he won't lunge at you again (and again and again and again)...!

Brother Tobias said...

Is that a parachute harness he's wearing? Now there's an opportunity... Beautiful photo.

Rol said...

Great photos - that shark was just like the Jaws poster!

Mike said...

Wow...all those lovely animals, and I can just see the evil in EDOD's eyes. You just know it would take a hand off if it could.

The Sagittarian said...

The Villager - thank you. It was a fantastic evening.

Poet - hi there. The creature is a Dugong. Quite graceful too considering their size. Thats water for you!!

Justme - I tried their other types as well (Chardonnay, Shiraz....)

Steve - oh you are awful...but I like you! Funny idea, funnier still that I envisaged it!!

The Sagittarian said...

Brother T - I llike the way you're thinking. I am surprised at myself as usually I don't mind animals but this little ratter has really got me grumpy.

Rol - Thanks, am glad there was very thick perspex between me and the shark tho'.

Mike - well, you know Chihuahua's!! The mutt has a "pillow friend" which he would regularly drag into the room, plonk in front of the TV if we were watching it, and start humping his little legs off. Damn dawg.

Extra Virgin said...

From another wine-lover: What is it with the French and Frogs?

Lovely pics and blog, will check out soon again!

And thanks for your comment.Nearly wiped the ex-boyfriend topic, as I was so peeved with them.

The Sagittarian said...

Hi Extra V - thanks for visiting. I recall seeing a cartoon once with a restaurant and a menu board out front advertising Frogs Legs, and there were all these frogs leaving the back door of the place in wheelchairs!

Anonymous said...