Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A very brief deviation down memory lane

I am blaming Owen for this post.

This is a photo I took when in Amsterdam, a particularly charming hairdressers in the background - you may need to enlrage the photo to see the name clearly. Lost in translation perhaps? Or the original Sweeney Todds??

Here in Calais, someone has put the rubbish out - which included a bidet!
And last but not least the bike with a very bent back wheel and another round the corner with artistic parking! the bike's were in Amsterdam as well. I really love it there.

So, there ya go. And can you believe it, those photos were taken on my old Pentax K1000 so i had to scan them in....I felt old as it is only a quick process these days with the digital camera to download and post.
Here in NZ the media at least are in a fever about Swine Flu, and there were 14 new cases reported here in Canterbury overnight. Everyone is wondering how they will bring home the bacon if they are forced off work, and schools closed etc. As my Granny used to say "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger".


Owen said...

Wow... not sure I want to get my hair cut at a place that says "We Cut Heads"... jeez, I wonder what else they cut ??? What I really like in that image is the plate of beans and potatoes... but where's the beef ???

Your bidet shot is most indiscrete, I'm sure the bidet in question was most embarrassed to be caught out in the street like that, all disconnected from the usual plumbing, all helpless and all... yes, this photo shows a blatant disrespect for a bidet's privacy... well, they are very private appliances you know...

And the poor bicycles, oh dear, we may be starting a trend that could spread like wildfire through the blogging world... people may start posting bashed up bicycle photos all over the world... and it will be your fault, and a little mine I guess. Odd feeling to be a potential trend setter... meanwhile, back to the chain gang, I'm in prison because I got framed by a guy with a handlebar moustache... (btw, I just answered your comment over at my place...)

VioletSky said...

I remember those bent and broken and forlorn bikes in A'dam. When I lived there, we poor young things shared an old bike with no seat - a pillow was somehow attached - and it got stolen!!

Steve said...

Love the bidet put out for the rubbish. I'd love to do that. Let the neighbours know that I've moved up a class - not only do I have a bidet, I have a new one and can afford to throw the old one away...!

We've had our first swine flu death in Scotland. In my county alone we've had over 350 reported cases now. Getting scary.

The villager: said...

It's great to see pictures of Amsterdam.

I used to have a K1000, but had to sell it when I was short of money; I did get some lovely results from it though.

A Write Blog said...

I wonder if the 'head cutters' are Saudis?

I used a place once where they used cut throat razors to 'finish you off' as it were.

When he pulled my chin up and swooped down to attack my neck i did feel rather vulnerable.

If they all used cut throats I think I'd grow a beard.

Like your blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Amsterdam and all the bikes. There are such wonderful ones there - people carry about 5 children, a dog, an umbrella and 7 turkeys don't they all on one bike.

I always feel sad when I see all abandoned bent and twisted ones - bikes that is.

yeah swine flu is taking off here although it's a nonsense really as doctors make no efforts to test anyone for it so no-one really has any idea what is going on. I reckon we might be in for a bit of bother come the autumn. I might have to leave the country again!!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Great Pictures !! Nice Post as usual..great shot..Unseen Rajasthan

The Sagittarian said...

Owen - Oh you are terrible, Muriel!

Violet - a bike without a seat? I'm sure there is a joke there somewhere!!

Steve - yes, you have to be pretty flush to have bidets. As for the swine flu, I called the hotline - all I got was crackling!

Villager - I still have and use my old K1000! I reckon it does the best portrait photos ever and I still use it mainly for that.

AWB - many thanks for visiting! You know, that photo was taken "ahead" of its time really...

RB - well, if you leave you know where to high-tail it to! And we're close to Sydney...

Unseen - thank you very much!

meggie said...

Hmmmn, those old tough Grannies!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Lovely Amsterdam piccie with the Queen Anne gable.