Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesday Tipple

Thank goodness - it's Tuesday. I've only been back at work two days so far but crikey, am starting to think we need more Tuesdays per week!!

How about a HARRY'S PICK-ME-UP

1 ounce cognac
2 tsp lemon juice
2 dashes of grenadine
Sparkling wine or champagne for topping up

Shake the cognac, lemon juice and grenadine together with ice, in the shaker then strain into a champagne flute. Top up with sparkling wine.

Actually, am thinking prehaps I should get a sign on my forehead saying "top up with sparkling wine or champagne", wonder how much trouble I could get in to!!.

Enjoy the drink and 'pretend' you are where ever you want to be...


Steve said...

Currently lousy with man-flu but your pick-me-up does actually sound very refreshing.

The Sagittarian said...

Poor Stevey Wevey, hope you feel better soon. Really. I was going to say "Man flu? At this time of year?" but then...it's winter up there eh!

Steve said...

It's always winter up here...

rb said...

Oh Day 2 of being back to work is the worst day. YOu have that out of the way now and the rest of the week will whizz by in a hungover haze!

I'll have one for sure. Stand back though cos I just ate sardines and I am a bit stinky!


The Sagittarian said...

RB- hey, I had sardines on toast last night too! I like the ones with tomato sauce and I mash it up, heaps of pepper!!

Joey Polanski said...

Then there's JOEY'S KNOCK-ME-DOWN:

Straight Bourbon, neat, topped up with a mere thought of sparkling wine.

Phil said...

Well “Hello and a Good Wednesday Morning…New Zealand!” – from way up here in Tuesday. How’s summer going down there? Sincerely hope it’s ‘not!’ At least it’s comforting to know that you’re all heading rapidly towards winter again. And we’re not!

Hey – you couldn’t upload a couple of cases of ‘Felton Road Pinot Noir’ from ‘Central Otago’ to your PC, and email them up to me as an attachment could you?

I’ll pay you…in site visits.

Thank you for dropping into my blog earlier. I was finishing off the creation of an oversize drum of spag-bol sauce at the time. Although now, I’m just in the process of sampling my seventh ‘Harry’s Pick Me Up’.

I don’t have any lemon juice, grenadine, sparkling wine or champagne. But I do have that other ingredient. So I’ve been measuring it out carefully to the ounce as you say here, then topping the glass up with cognac. And a lump of ice.

All I need now is Harry, to pick me up.

And I must take serious issue with you over your claim to have the ‘handsomest Tabby boy cat and Black moggy girl’ – cos you’re wrong – We’ve got the bestest most handsomest ever in the whole wide universe ‘Tabby Boy Cat’ called ‘Tazzy Wazzy’ and his beautiful sophisticated feline black sister called ‘Misty Moo’. So thmerrr.

Have a good day down there. I really will be back again soon to prowl around your highly entertaining blog here. I’m off to watch a couple of DVD’s.

Phil – Yet another Sagittarian.

Ps – Say ‘Hi’ to Ernie & Lynx for me, from Taz & Misty.

PPs – and don’t forget to watch the two ‘Simons Cat’ video’s next time you come over. They’re brilliant and hilarious.

PPPs - I had sardines on toast this morning too. Out of a tin with loads of yummy BBq tommy sauce. Always keep a stack of the little tins in the cupboard. One of my favourite snacks.

The Sagittarian said...

Joey-line'em up, I'll be there shortly!

Phil-am glad you managed to make the best of what you have in the cupboard, drinkwise! Am a fan of spag bol too so I'd keep that hidden unless you want me polish it off during my next visit! Sorry, you will have to prowl about my blog and find Ernie, he is THE HANDSOMEST tabby ever. There. I said it!

Owen said...

Oh, how unjust, I'm off to bed, and you all are staying up late partying... but soon it's vacation, and then I'll be catching up with all you alley cats !!!

In French we say : Soit sage... which means, behave yourself... so maybe we could say : Soit Saj... which would mean, just be you... at your sajest...

...louciao... said...

OMG, is there any left?? I got caught in another friggin' snowstorm...and I'm not pretending! I don't even know what day of the week it is any more. Must be suffering from a variety of Brain Freeze.

...louciao... said...

PS. The next WV is "forpla"
...over before it was begun, if you know what I mean.

Selina Kingston said...

Oh yes, that's good! Who's Harry - he can pick me up anytime !!!