Sunday, April 10, 2011

Silent Sunday


Anonymous said...

what a promise, what a challenge to make it work again, interesting name.

all the very best for you.

Margaret Pangert said...

Well, I see graffiti is still alive and well in Christchurch! And what an affront to your blog which shares the same name, "Canterbury!" Hope all is going well, Saj~ xxox

kj said...

sag, is this bad? there is so much life in all this griffiti but then i read margaret's comment and i thought, "oh..."

best to you,

Steve said...

"Works end"? Work just beginning surely...?

...louciao... said...

Silent yet loud at the same time.

The Sagittarian said...

Robert- yes, this place has been vacant for sometime but maybe it's time will come again!

Margaret- yes the graffiti boffins always seem to find somewhere eh?

kj-I think it's pretty arty really, the buildings are all smothered liberally in the graffiti even on the inside!

Steve-Thats what atrracted me to the photo in the first place, well spotted!

Louciao- yes, how true (a bit like our brOwen you might say!)