Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day trip

Shirley and Margaret set off that day
For a picnic or shopping or just 'away'
The day it was sunny and it was bright
Full of promise and black wasn't white....
Who knew what was going to unfold?

Shirley and Margaret away they went
Everything in its place, nothing bent
The day it was just starting anew
All in its place, nothing askew....
Who knew what was about to unfold?

Shirley and Margaret I wish I knew
Just what it was that happened to you.....
We pass by your crosses and I often sigh
So many people on our roads still die

Going about their business, living their lives
until they take that one fatal drive.....


Steve said...

A sobering reminder to take care in all our activities... you can't be too careless with life.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

And they weren't testosterone, booze-filled youths...

Rol said...

Yeah, powerful stuff, Sag.

Anonymous said...

oh !

there are many alike sceneries over here as well. mostly along highways or dangerous cross-roads.

a safe road ahead for you all and a good new week as well.

louciao said...

Shirley and Margaret were just going about their lives, not knowing what was in store for them that day...but do we ever? Those roadside shrines to loved ones lost in accidents are always sobering. We take our lives into others' hands every time we climb into a vehicle, whether as a driver or a passenger. With your roadside poem,our brother's fascination with cemeteries, and my own preoccupation with skull imagery, we make one heck of cheery family.

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The Sagittarian said...

Steve - That is so true!

Lady M - I know, goes against the 'trend'!

Rol - thanks, Rol. Good to see you out and about down here.

Robert - these crosses were on the side of a wide road, near a bridge but excellent view and no obvious 'danger'...weird.

Luociao - perhaps we're erlated to the Munsters? (Are we Irish then??) :-)

kj said...



instant recognition and sadness. that's where you took me. you used a sing-along poem to drive the message home

very very nice
i hope you are doing okay xoxo

Stickup Artist said...

What sensitive artistry you brought to this subject, both written and visual. And Louciao is right. This is a sobering reminder to never take anything for granted...

Hope you and your family and community are doing well and recovering strongly.

The Sagittarian said...

kj - thank you for your kind words! We're doing 'ok' thanks, the occasianal poor me moment but in general we're ok!

StcikUp- Hiya! Thank you, and yes we're plodding along. Very thnakful that the last shake I felt was about 2 weeks ago! :-)