Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Tipple

Frankly I am not sure there is anything strong enough to tippple. Seems we have hit a brick wall with our rebuild, extremely unhelpful insurance company, vindictive insurance rep and a nasty project manager do not a happy home make!!

However, on we go with the kind of determination that has seen us thusfar. I am getting tired of being stoic but thats the best I can do these days.
I had some 'me' time in Wellington recently with my good buddy, Pixie (who is fab but a lazier blogger than me so I won't link you! :-) and I will bore you with that when I have sorted some photos. IN the mean time, let's pull up a chair and get the glasses out (the clean ones at the back of the cupboard if you don't mind, cheers) and this is what we will have - something I haven't had in years A REDHEAD IN BED. Luckily for you I am far too mature to make sleazy jokes about this but I am sure I can rely on the usual suspects to make them for me!!
We are going to need VODKA, and a martini glass (or three);
- 2 parts citrus vodka (use an egg cup if you haven't got a real measuring glass, or if you're really in dire straights just use a wine glass)
- splash of lemon juice
- muddled strawberries (did I mention this is an expensive drink for those of us in the Southern Hemishpere at this time of year? The buggers are about $7.00 in our local supermarket so if you're stretched just used canned ones)
- simple syrup.
Pour the ingredients one at a time into martini glass, garnish with a strawberry (or not, for those truly economically-minded drinkers just wave a picture of a strawberry at the glass)
There, isn't this just great just the wee group of us swigging on the porch....sing along with me now,


Owen said...

Alright, what's this about redheads in bed, and sleazy jokes ??? Your blog brother just happens to have red hair, you know ?

Or is the red head in question the insurance rep after you break the empty vodka bottle over his thick skull ???

The nightmare just goes on, eh ? Have the aftershocks calmed down a bit at least ?

Robert Geiss said...

Last time I had a Vodka, I still had hair.

Wishing you all a calm and kind Tuesday.

The Sagittarian said...

Owen - I think I might have known that...my grandmother also had red hair (apparently) so I guess you should consider yourself one of those usual suspects! The aftershocks have settled down, last one I felt was last week and only a 3.2 but it still rattled and banged its way to the surface.

Robert - We're wanting calm but getting blustery winds and possibly snow!

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Spotted strawberries down to $4.00 in our local supermarket today. I was delighted to have given you a bit of impetus for your decorating but your difficulties now are just going to knock all that enthusiasm right back. Stoicism oiled with a Redhead in Bed sound like the only way ahead. (though champagne has kept me going!)

Pixie said...

sounds delicious, but there's no way I'm sitting on your porch in that weather you're having. looks like it would even be hard to find the porch. cheers! (lazy blogger would be a good blog name......)

Steve said...

I had a redhead in bed once but the doctor soon sorted it out.

Sorry. But someone had to.

May a lightning strike obliterate your insurance rep.

Marginalia said...

I've had Blackheads in the bed. Do they count?

Your house building appears to be as moribund as our housing industry.

meg said...

Hi, seems so long since I found time to visit . It seems Insurance Co's are all bastards. Where did all the 'donations' go.? Into some greedy a-holes' pockets? I have friends in chch in the same boat as you. I have trouble keeping on, but it must be very hard for you. Xxstooksm

A Write Blog said...

I like the concept of 'muddled' strawberries.