Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well, well who's ringing YOUR bell?

Sunny but cold here and we have the 'promise" of snow at some stage in the near future. That's ok with me, but can we please have enough so that the roads are closed and we don't have to take kids to school or go to work? We have had a new load of wood delivered, got a couple of cases of red wine (in case RB or Pixie drop by) and plenty of fresh baked bread. Took the above photo just by my daughter's school yesterday morning, we had fog, fog, fog! I love it. All the kids were running about in the playground making ghost noises and trying to catch the stuff. I recall as a child being in the car with my grandparents and we were driving in fog so thick Grandad said we were driving close to heaven. Odd what you remember.

Next week I'm going on another road trip. Bet you can't wait for the photos.

Meanwhile, still no sign of Daisy. Still tears at bed time.

The book I'm reading at the moment is quite good but for the last few pages I have had the nagging feeling that I have read it before. Do I continue reading, do I skip to the last pages and doublecheck? Big decision.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I'm on my way. I've only had one beer so far today - but I intend to catch up later.

I am always doing that with books and films - it is really annoying. I always just carry on and at some point I know for sure I have read it/seen it and feel very stupid. But it is very economical to be able to read the same book over and over again and not realise it is not a new one - and environmentally friendly too, think of the paper saved if we all only ever read one book and thought it was a new exciting one each time. Um - you wouldn't think it was just one beer I had had, would you? What rubbish I talk!!

Steve said...

Keep reading... a good book is always better the second time round while a bad one is worse.

Still keeping my fingers crossed for the safe return of your puss-cat.

Rol said...

You love fog? That's bizarre. I suppose I like it in principle - in Sherlock Holmes films and the like - but in reality, it's a pain in the bottom.

Mike said...

Thank God it is finally summer here. Winter seemed to last forever.

I often read books over and over again. Especially those that are well written.

meggie said...

I will also have a glass of red please!
I remember those fogs. Surreal to see, not so nice to navigate.