Monday, July 07, 2008

Snow way to start the day

Yep...look at that. This is the weather we went out in on Saturday night. Snow. Loads of it. A bit of an occasion for us really as we often only see the snow from a distance. However, my poor wee Morris got a coating and we lost the lawn as well as the street.

However, we also had to go out to a Ceilidh. I was quite keen to go as I had never been to one before. I think the term "herding cats" best describes most of the nights antics; people going left when they should be going right "No, your other left!" some ginger haired, skirtwearing bloke yelled at me (more than once actually); the Stud was happy with his whisky and hardly noticed the weather (or me but thats another story too). I managed to get the hang of some of the dances, Imy tip is to have as much wine as you can before getting down to it 'cos you don't get much chance once the dancers get their hands on yiou!! We missed the opening of the night sadly because I threw my Scottish Heritage to the wind so that I could watch the Mighty All Blacks (sans Ritchie, boo hoo) deal to those recalcitrant South Africans. And we did of course. It was a helluva night weather-wise and the game was hard and fast too.

The Stud wore a kilt, of all nights to do that, and grizzled about the wind about his knees etc...ha!

I have included this clip because (a) it features Rugby AND (b) features Scotland and (c) I think if you squint you catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Gavin Hastings while he was still gorgeous!!


matthew said...

That sounds awesome and fun!

...minus the drunken man attempting to woo you!

I sometimes miss snow, but mostly not.

Mike said...

Please keep the snow down there. We don't want it back.

Steve said...

Snow in July. I know you're the other side of the world and all, but that just does my head in!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Aww. Your car looks so cute in the snow!

Being from a gaelic corner of the world, I tend to avoid all gaelic willy-waving and bad pipe music personally, but glad you enjoyed yourself.

Was amused when an Edinburgh ghost tour guide once asked how many people in our party didn't like bagpipes. About 80% of us put our hands up. 'Quite right' he replied. 'These are historically war instruments that your enemies would have used to taunt you they're coming to knock off your blocks - literally - and were never intended for pleasant listening!'

Explained a lot.

meggie said...

Haha, never underestimate the power of the Scottish pull!
Holy Moly, that looks Damn cold!

The Sagittarian said...

Matthew - snow has all gone now, sadly it never settles deep enough to last too long. I suspect that if it piled up on a regular basis we might get tired of it too but it is a novelty here really!

Mike - will try but as I told Matthew we don't get to keep it very long.

Steve - it is early for us to get snow! If we get it at all it is usually in August.

Poet - I still get the chills when I hear bagpipes; my 10 year old calls it "the high music". And of course now she knows David Tennant is from Scotland she loves it all the more.

Meggie - hehe yes I am a bit of a sucker for an accent, pref Scottish or Irish. It has been jolly cold in a crispy Christchurch way!