Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stormy Weather

I actaully took this photo last year, the past few days have been so wet I have bacically scuttled in and out of doors. We are in storm mode. Tomorrow they ("they") are predicting 140mm of rain for us, today it snowed in Amberley. Hopefully it will dump down big time over night and we can stay in bed in the morning. Sigh, wishful thinking.

The Stud had a car accident on Monday so he is without his car, which means I am also doing 2 school runs now instead of just the morning drop off - plus full time work...blah. Next time I'm gonna get me a zillionaire with a bad cough.

But until then, "bugger".


Rol said...

It rained so heavily here on Tuesday night that it woke me up.

The difference is, it's SUMMER here!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

We had a thunder storm on Monday night but it's been lovely again since then.

Love the photo by the way - very atmospheric, almost noir!

Mike said...

I love the photo too. It reminds me of what I am not missing in the least.

Steve said...

Hope you get the lie-in snow that you are wishing for!

The Sagittarian said...

Rol - I actually love it when it rains that hard, sounds like soldiers marching across the roof. Magic!

Poet - thanks, I have tinkered with the photo a smidge but just with the way it presents. I really like it that way too.

Mike - I have to confess we haven't seen a proper blue sky for so long now I'm getting a bit annoyed by that.

Steve - well, high tide at 3am should be a deciding factor for a lot of people closer to rivers and the sea than we are. Having said that, there is a river about 800meters from our place and we hope it stays there! No snow yet, too wet to settle anyway. Poo.

VioletSky said...

We have had so much rain here this summer we have now broken the all time record. Pretty much every day we have had rain and most days thunder and lightning to go along with it. At least we have also had lots of sunshine so it's not too dreary.

Anonymous said...

We did eventually get some rain here (since this seems to have turned into a weather report comment box!!) the other night - proper pounding rain with thunder and lightning.

Oooh I love snow. I wish we could have snow in summer - just a day of it. Perfect.

Sorry to hear about the car. But glad he is OK.

I'll get my own drink, shall I?

matty said...

We just can't seem to get any rain!

Please try to send some to us to put out all of these fires!!!

I'm glad The Stud was not hurt in his accident!!!!


meggie said...

We had a huge wind storm here last night- both slept right through it.
Poor old NZ is copping a heap of shirty weather! Hope the weekend eases a bit.

The Sagittarian said...

Hey everyone, thanks for the comments. The sun actually came out today and I even have some washing on the line! Ah but its the simple things in life we appreciate the most eh? Mind you, we have been getting dangerously close to cabin fever so am more than pleased to see the sun. I had best get my drinks trolley ready as I can feel RB about to burst!!