Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tuesday Tipple

Ok, loosen your girdles and pin your ears back....today we're having a TORNADO!!

This is a medium-dry drink for any occasion. Very versatile eh?

1 and 1/2 ounces grapefruit drink
1 and 1/2 ounces passion-fruit juice
1 ounce of Tequila (hardly seems enough so feel free to add a bit more...)
3/4 ounce peach-flavoured liqueur
2 tsp lime cordial

Shake the ingredients together firmly, with ice, in the shaker and strain into a highball glass over crushed ice.

Spear 2 maraschino cherries onto a skewer and add a slice of orange - make them look like a sail and put them into the glass. Serve.

Then, rock on dudes!!


Steve said...

Sometimes there ain't nuthin' wrong with having a touch of wind...!

louciao said...

Oh, Sister Saj, you came through for us. What a trooper! I almost spilled my drink all over myself when Bruce managed to jump up on the piano without missing a beat. The Tornado is a most fitting drink to go with the amount of wind that has been blowing in my neck of the woods of late.
(Note: I refuse any responsibility for any puns or rude inferences that anyone reading my comment may indulge in!)

Wishing you no ill winds and plenty of good drink.

A Write Blog said...

I suppose I could, in a surreal kind of way, loosen my ears and pin my girdle back!

Hey......doing that I'd certainly rock on LOL

Now I'm off to get a drink.........a whisky and something.......I'll decide when I get downstairs where we keep all the alcohol.

The villager: said...

Good combination of Tornado and Bruce, Sag !

Meggie said...

Oh Yeah!!

Owen said...

Now how did you know I was wearing a girdle ???

Mmmm, I like all the fruit juice in this one ! But is it ok to make it without the tequila ? Me and tequila are not necessarily the best of friends... Anyway, some bad memories linger from a case long ago of "what goes down must come up"...

Ah dear, and I'd just said to Miss Mad Lynne that I was happy the wind had died down, and now here it is blowing up a storm in New Zealand... guess there's no escape... Dorothy... this doesn't look like Kansas any more... Batten down the hatches ! Board up the windows ! Get out the air freshener !

On a more serious note, someone named Julie in Australia just left a comment today on the post from last Summer about Sgt Nicholas of New Zealand, she has a relative who is buried in the same cemetery as Sgt Nicholas... Interesting that nine months later or thereabouts, someone was able to find that post and relate to it... I'm wondering now how she came across it... guess I'll have to ask her.

That was a fine moment in blogging history, that really shines in my memory... you blogging about a statue with a name, setting someone on the far side of the earth off on a search for a grave... and now someone months later connecting to the story in a personal way... The wonders of the world wide web, eh ?

Now, where's my darned tornado ? I set it down somewhere and can't find it now. Guess I'll just have to make a pitcher full, a pitcher's harder to lose than a glass...

Selina Kingston said...

Oh it's a tipple. And it's on a Tuesday! Does that mean you're back now. Please say you are and that you won't leave us again ....

The Sagittarian said...

Steve-hehe, time and place dear boy, time and place!

Louciao- Isn't Bruce fab? I think it's my turn to have him at my place for the winter isn't it?

AWB-ah, another whisky drinker! The Stud is a whisky champion of sorts...be sure to warn us when you come to visit and we'll get a few drams in!

Villager- thank you, Bruce is always a treat isn't he!

Meggie- ditto!

Owen- I hear you on that, I was bitten by a bad bacardi once and haven't been able to face it in years.

Amazing about Sgt Nicholas! It's a small world afterall....would be interesting to see how your blog was stumbled across but I'm sure there is a big flashing neon light pointing to it in BlogLand.

Great idea about using a pitcher, we are often told that our wine glasses are more like buckets, put simply we're too lazy to keep getting up to refill the glasses and find it easier to have ex-goldfish bowls for the purpose!

Selina - oh dear, I feel dreadful. I'll be here again next week for your tipple but away for the following week...then back for a week then awayf or 2 weeks...next week I'll tipple something that youo can make in batches eh?