Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Tipple

You know, we have had some brilliant weather here lately...and it's worth putting up with the colder mornings to get the sunny 'chocolate box' days that follow.

Thats why today we're having a HOAR FROST 1

2tsp gin
2tsp white curacao
2tsp light rum
2tsp grenadine
2tsp lemon juice

Shahe the ingredients together with ice in the shaker and strain into the cocktail glass with a sugared rim. Gotta love a sugared rim!

Speaking of gin...here's a Kiwi lass with that very name....


TheUndertaker said...

It's getting cold up here in Aucks as well, don't like it
: ( Maybe your drink will warm me up? : )

Steve said...

A Hoar Frost, eh? Glad I saw it "written" down...! ;-)

The villager: said...

That sounds very refreshing, Sag; and it is finally warming-up in England, which might allow one to sip cocktails in the open air.

louciao said...

I think I'll let the others guzzle this one down while I stick with my pear cider. Having just barely emerged from a long east coast Canadian winter, I'm not quite in the mood for anything involving hoar frost.

It's been tough on me this week, having to tend bar on my own over at my blog.
Your brother and I miss you, Saj!

The Sagittarian said...

Hi ya, Undie-yes, it's that time of year eh? Must be cold if you're feeling it in Auckland!

Steve - haha, indeed!

Villager- enjoy the warmth!

Louciao- I've jsut tried pear cider, a little syrupy but then again if it's kept cold it's great! Thanks for missing me!!