Thursday, June 16, 2011


Had a crap week thusfar. We had to return to the Tardis but as from yesterday we can flush again. It looks like our house will have to be rebuilt, our builder reckons that if he had been allowed to make the repairs he recommended to the EQC we wouldn't be in this position. However, the place is now on a lean towards to road so unless it can be braced we will have to move and it will be knocked down. The land appears ok so we should be able to rebuild on the same spot.
I have been a tad stressed and we have been madly packing up all our belongings especially the irreplaceable ones for storage and safe keeping until we know for sure what we have to do.
I have farmed the kids out to the neighbours at night and they go back to school today (no doubt to get out of helping to pack and clean...)
Anyway, gotta get cracking. Hope you're all ok where you are and that those of you with ties to Christchurch - your loved ones are safe. xx

AND P.S. - yes, cats and rabbits present and correct!


Steve said...

So sorry about your home. So so sorry. That's shit news. Sending hugs in lieu of a nice bottle of whiskey.

Vicky said...

So sorry to hear about the house, my mum got through this one unbroken except I think her spirits are starting to break!

Stickup Artist said...

I'm so sorry about your home and that this uprooting must continue for you and your family. Though it sounds like you have really nice neighbors. It is not common to know one's neighbors all that well here in the U.S., so that aspect makes me rather envious! Hope your week gets better, less stressful, and you get some good time to relax!

Rol said...

Yes, Adam is safe, though I think he's getting as fed up of the situation now as you obviously are.

Take care, Sag.

Marginalia said...

How do you cope? I hear there was another fairly serious quake earlier in the week.

Where will you stay during the rebuilding? I do hope this means you at least get an up grade on your kitchen, bathroom etc, etc. You deserve that at least.

Marginalia said...
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...louciao... said...

That is a crap week. And distressing news. Talk about upheavals! Enough to make one upheave one's lunch, I'd say. What choice but to carry on carrying on. I wonder should the house prove braceable if you'd want to take a chance on that. I wonder about the cost of rebuilding. I wonder about where you'll live in the meantime. I wonder about so many aspects of the trials you've been undergoing for so long now. Thanks, Saj, for keeping us updated here. My heartfelt sympathy is with you, though I can't really imagine what it must be to go through the challenges you continue to face.
I send you a big warm hug.

VioletSky said...

keep breathing. and use bad words every now and then in between. whatever gets you through.
am really glad that all of you are accounted for, including cats and rabbits.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this, can't imagine what a toll it must be taking on you.
Hope things improve really soon

Keith said...

So sorry to hear this. Truly crap news.

And it is cheesy as hell, and I know you have more proof of the truth of this that I. But it's the people that make a home, not the bricks and timbers.

The Sagittarian said...

Steve, aw thanks mate. Drinking from the bottle is pretty normal these days...

Vicky - Your mum wouldn't be alone in the spirits stakes, almost everyone here seems to be either 'braving it' or about to burst into tears!

StickUp- It is pretty cool to have such great neighbours, it's one of the good reasons to live in Christchurch!

Rol-glad Adam is ok. It's a hard thing to not feel as in control as we'd like thats for sure. I sleep like a baby these days, every two hours I wake up and crap myself!!

Marginalia -At the moment we have kinda farmed the kids out til we hear from an engineer is our house is even liveable. I don't feel completely safe in it as it has a definite lean on (and I know it's not me!!), we just have to 'keep calm and carry on'.

Loucia - all those questions in my mind as well, not answers tho as yet. I hear you have room in your wood shed....

Violet - thanks, I have to say this is one of the more challenging times of my life. Ap[parently it's character building, yay!!)

Misbehaving - hello there, how are things in Japan? We hardly hear anything about those poor folk up there these days. It must be terrible for those still living in tents cities etc. We will manage. :-)

Keith, you're absolutely right. Infact, The Stud said the other night that if we just left with the clothes on our backs but our kids and each other were alright we would be ahead in the game. :-)