Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Tipple

Because I remembered...
Ruby Tuesday COCKTAIL 

5 Parts Gin
4 Parts Apple juice, fresh pressed (clean your feet please…)
2 Parts Lime juice (yes, fresh is better but go with what you have handy)
1 Part Simple syrup (no, not idiot stuff…3 parts water to 1 part sugar)
4 or 5 Whole strawberries
7 Whole  raspberries
5 Leaves basil (more fun than mint, and tastier too because I like the slightly peppery taste)
Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with basil, raspberry and strawberry.



Jeneane said...

This sounds like Summer! I've got plenty of limes - from the New World bargain bin - and yep, I can rustle up some simple syrup, but I'm clean out of gin, strawberries and raspberries (which reminds me of Martin Curtis' song 'Gin and Raspberry').

Steve said...

Way too healthy. It's got fruit in it and you know I don't do fruit. Does it work with chips?

Marginalia said...

I love Melanie's version of the song. Now, sadly, the only way I can experience your lush cocktail is through "sight and sound".

louciao said...

This sounds very tasty, and I love that the measurements are up to us, as in 5 PARTS gin...leaves a lot of leeway for what parts we use to measure said five. And the replacing of mint with basil is brilliant. Yes brilliant! We have some chocolate basil growing in the garden that could be interesting in this quaff. I'm very glad I wore my gummies over, and I've brought my own bucket...I mean GLASS for my drink. And I am SO happy that you chose the Stones doing Ruby Tuesday (so to speak). Brings back fond memories of tearing about with my mates in a litte VW beetle when we were young and on the brink of losing our ...innocence.
Good times, Saj.
Who could hang a name on you, unless it be The Wonderful Sagittarian, hostess with the mostest in all situations.

The Sagittarian said...

Jeneane - I'm hoping for summer, and it's such a gorgeous day here today isn't it? I must google Martin Curtis (so to speak)!

Steve - sorry, I am like a mother hen trying to force fruit into you...try it with chips and let me know where you end up!

Marginalia - you can always just try the fruit and pretend?

Ah Sister Lou - glad you made it, all squelchy in your gummies and all, with those big parts to fill (ahem). The Stones version (careful how you say that) always reminds me of parties we would go to and someone always had a slightly out of tune guitar but man could we belt out Ruby Tuesday!! We were fabulous.

Owen said...

Hey Saj, I think a shaker's too small for this concoction, a fifty-five gallon drum might be better, especially if the Stones are going to drop by later for drinks... In a big drum like that we could use sections of garden hose for straws, and just slurp to our heart's content...

Now, what I want to know is : How did you manage to export one of your aftershocks to Washington DC ? Well, good job, those folks need to be shaken up a bit... a reality check of sorts after all the budgetary fantasy shows we've been seeing from that part of the world...

Jeneane said...

Just googled MC myself and as there are quite a few of them, thought I'd mention he's the NZ folk singing one. Gin and Raspberry - the song - has a special poignancy 'cos my husband had just arranged a version to sing with our daughter, and performed it in concert with her, a week before he died. I see you're a bit of a songstress yourself.