Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tipple

Gah, where has this week gone? I'm all up-in-the-air, we have insurance company woes like the rest of the city and it is a slow grind getting straight answers from anyone. Plus we're still holed up in the small Motel, a far cry any earlier motel experiences I MIGHT have had when younger and more nimble.
Its enough to make one turn to drink!

Drink you ask?

Oh don't mind if I do....

Cabin Fever Cocktail Ingredients

  • icon One mug coca cola
  • icon Half a shot After Shock (black)
  • icon One shot dark rum
  • icon Personal choice ice
  • icon OPTIONAL tia maria


  • icon Pour a half shot of Aftershock Black into a mug, and then a full tot of dark rum *Captain Jack Morgan goes well, good and spicy*. Tia Maria is optional. Drop some ice in, and blast it with some cola. Enjoy!
    Half a shot of Aftershock Black is a good amount because it has a very overpowering taste in higher quantities. The fusion of dark spirits here makes a very flavoursome drink that can get you ratted :)


Steve said...

That sounds like it might no tonly hit the spot but pulverize it completely.

louciao said...

Gah! Great expression...mind if I borrow it? I feel so inadequate--I don't even know what After Shock (black or otherwise) might be...something to do with a Shaker of Earthquake? I think I'll just have a Tia Maria on the rocks and try out the vibrating bed in your motel room, if you don't mind.

kj said...

i had no idea you are still upended from this; how much you must miss being in your own place nd space.

do you know what mead is, sag? a new visitor to my blog, rob-bear is enticing emily rabbit to try mead and i fear the worse. :^)

take care, wishing you settled ground


The Sagittarian said...

Steve - it's worth a try, don't you think?

Louciao - oh yes, you can have Gah!...the queue over by BrOwen is for the bed....

kj - oh yes, up ended we are. (In fact about an hour ago we had a size 4 shake follwed by a 4.7 so our ends are indeed upped!) Patience is something we are learning a new respect for. xx

Jeneane said...

Two Tuesday Tipples in a row... watch out Sag. But the ongoing building/repairs uncertainty is enough to drive us all to drink. I'm nowhere near as compromised as you but the waiting game, while the rooms sit half gibbed/plastered or full of stored furniture until the contracted tradesmen can get back is maddening. I half wish I had gone for the Week-in-a-motel/campervan option. Hope you can make the best of this good weather to relieve your cabin fever.

Bish Bosh Bash said...

How many motel rooms do you guys rent for your cocktail liquor stocks. Can't you come up with just one bespoke cocktail tipple for me...involving just a large measure of chilled white wine - and nothing else at all.

I'm waiting...............