Thursday, June 21, 2012

Progress of sorts

Yo! Sorry for being absent - did you miss me? Did you notice? Am I upside down?

Anyway, you will be thrilled to know that wasn't abducted by a gin-soaked alien or (sadly) even a millionaire playboy with poor eyesight and a bad cough! No, I have been hard up against the coal face working and trying to make sense of my wee corner of the world.

So - we have new offices and we're happy as a sand boy (feel free to tell me what that actually means!) and I guess the best news is that we have been 'awarded' the architect and builders of our choice (albeit after 2 months of hassling and cajoling) and we are now on the path to rebuilding our home. Yes, you heard it here first!! I confess however that we haven't popped the champagne just yet, still a few wee hurdles to get over - such as what our insurance policy REALLY means when it states replacement is 'like for like' - you would be surprised to know it often does not have the plain english meaning and commonsense seems to have eff all to do with it too. But I digress....

As you will recall, if you have been paying attention...we had some snow a few weeks back...round by the high school my Scowly Teen and Young Whovian attend I was greeted by this fabulous sight, the red leaves really stood out defiantly against the landsacpe and BEGGED to be captured forever, n'est pas? (Thats for you Owen and Louciao my cybersiblings...I know you're still there!)

And then the sun came out and the city opned it's fractured arms to us all this building, it seems to be in a death dance of some kind!

And then, the clock tower which has stood through out this earth shattering, teeth clenching business has been dissected and now resmbles a type of Darlek!

This house has not been so lucky, looking rather un-loved as it waits for whatever is going to happen next. I am sure that my cyber siblings would have a use for it, we could have a family fixer-upper in the outter Antipodes - what do you say?


Steve said...

Yes, I did notice and I missed you. Good news about the architect... let's hope it all gets translated into reality very soon.

louciao said...

Of course, darling sib, I am here awaiting the sound of a champagne cork to emanate from your blog in celebration of the go-ahead for your house rebuild. Deciphering the legalese of the insurance policy, then, does not necessarily translate as tit for tat? (not sure of the meaning behind that phrase, much like "sand boy"--which I've never heard before). Those are some outstanding finds/photos you have up here. The skinned building & deconstructed clock are very Dali-esque; could make a good mash-up in Photoshop. The red maple against the snow is majestic. As for the family fixer-upper, I think the sound of rain on the metal roof would be wonderful. And should any more tremors hit the area, not much to worry about re:damage to our abode. Will wait till it's summer again in Christchurch, though, before packing my bags.

Owen said...

Yep, still here, and still hoping against hope that you will come out of all this with four walls and a roof at least. What an ordeal it's been, and continues no doubt. Like Lynne, am waiting to hear that champers cork pop and fly, then will be right at hand with a glass flute ready to receive a bubbly ration... Keeping fingers crossed until then.

Anonymous said...

The 'dancing house' and the clock tower would make some great monuments.
Wishing you all a kind Friday ahead. And I miss autumn and winter much. Above 35C during midday over here.

Marginalia said...

Been away myself. An architect and builder of your choice - that must be a first. And a budget of your choice also?

The Sagittarian said...

Steve - Amen, brother!!

Louciao-You are right, there are no tits for tat!

Owen- Be careful with that glass with your fingers crossed (do they match your eyes, then??)

Robert - It sure is cold early here, not sure that we have had snow this early before!

Marginalia - Ha, choice! I think there will be a helluva lot of compromise (mostly on our part) if we want to get this house rebuilt. It is weird, we have photos of our lead light windows (taken 20 years ago at the behest of the same insurance company who is now trying to diddle us out of them!)

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Good luck in squeezing like-for-like out of your weasle words insurance company! It certainly doesn't seem to mean that when you lose your car in a crash!