Sunday, January 12, 2014

A New Year

Still nothing happening on the house front...however, our start to 2014 has been less than spectacular.

One of my dearest friends suffered a stroke from which she failed to recover and "Lady Linda" passed away on 9 January. Linda was a super talented lawyer, completing her doctorate in 2010. The difference between Linda and others gaining their doctorates - Linda had been partially sighted since birth, and a subsequent car accident about 20 years ago robbed her of further sight and also gave her head injuries which she struggled with.....a few years ago she survived breast cancer and last year broker her thigh. Never one to complain, this Brave Scot battled on. She was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit.

Linda was a massive Rolling Stones fan, had been to several of their concerts and even had a ticket for the concert later this year in Auckland.

Rest peacefully Linda, we are all missing you terribly. Drinking a glass of red and having a wee dram won't be the same without you. We will never be able to hear this song without thinking of you (and the many times we all belted it out after a few too many reds!)


Steve said...

Your friend sounds an amazing person to have known. Deepest sympathies.

kj said...

Very sorry for the loss of Linda, sag. She must have become a senior angel in heaven as soon as she arrived

I hope your house front gets moving!


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