Sunday, March 01, 2015

Second week down

Well, nothing has happened in the past week! 

I have been travelling around a fair bit so it is kind of disappointing nothing has occurred but I keep reminding myself that it has taken us 4 years this far and it is going to happen.

Meantime, our caterpillars that will turn into Monarch butterflies are still doing their thing.

And one of the chooks died (I think I mentioned we had two stray old boilers arrive at our abandoned house?) We named them Trinny and Susannah....and let them stay since they were laying eggs. So RIP Susannah.


Steve said...

I always loved Susannah. Trinny was a flirt but I got the feeling she'd never follow through. Obviously a hardier bird in chook form though.

Barry Coidan said...

There's a restaurant in Muswell Hill, North London called Chooks Chicken. The on line blurb explains that Chook is Aussie for chicken: which is extremely helpful.

The Sagittarian said...

Steve - too funny!!

Barry - Those Aussies...