Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fantastic night last night. We went to the thugby match (yes, thugby...both my daughters couldn't say "Rugby" and what they came up with seems appropriate right?) CRUSADERS 53 and Western Force 0. We bcouldn't decide to refer to the other team as the Western Farts or the western Feeble, either way I know its not good to show off (see Mum, I did listen) but heck, we're delighted down this way.

Easter already, I can tell because my kids are swinging from the lightshades and being unusually self possessed...yep, chocolate has its own rewards!
I have a house full of relatives and a few strangers as well who seem to be attached to the relatives - visitors from outta town. It seems easier to let them invite everyone they know to our house, we then fire up the woodfired pizza oven and hang out getting to know everyone. It appears to work - never a dull moment.
What do other people do at Easter??

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