Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So excited. I had my first "unknown" blog comment. Thank you, Meggie!
Anyway, tomorrow is ANZAC Day. A day off for most. And a day to recall for everyone else. Thankful that we are here to remember. Thankful. Above ground. I have a photo of my Granddad in his army uniform. Very handsome and tall and straight. Alive. He died in 1969. I remember his death. My first funeral. My brother and I hid under the table and cried and also knicked the odd glass of blackberry nip. I don't remember seeing as many fat ankles in one place in my life. Granddad used to call me "Tuppence" (have since found out that he used to call my mum that too) and my older brother "Mickey Drippin'. No idea why. He died on 10 October 1969. He had family in Mevagisy, in Cornwall. I really miss him, he had a wonderful sense of humour. And he loved me.

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