Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Took the kids to the beach yesterday, so did half of the rest of the city! Ever since I can remember we have been going to Sumner, my mother went with her grandmother and now my girls go with me and sometimes their grandmother. As Harry Chapin said, all my life's a circle.

These rocks and caves are great fun and quite amazing.

Last night we went to see Tony Joe White play at the Civic Bar. Rather a ramshackle entry fiasco which took ages, over 3/4 of an hour waiting to get through the doors. Anyway, it was worth the wait. Loud as but great stuff. At 63 he still has it.

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meggie said...

Ah this brought back memories! We took our chidren there quite often when we lived in Chch. And last time we visited friends who live in Sumner we went to vist the caves again.
I have enjoyed reading your blog entries. Keep going, it is very interesting.
Thankyou for the comment on my blog.