Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ah here we are again. The modern age confuses me and the computer spat its technological isnow back from the pc-vet.

What have we been up to? Well, Autumn has drifted onto us. It is so beautiful at this time of year. The trees have all put on their flame and gold edged with green lovely. I remember that when I was younger I wnated hair the colour of the autumn trees. red/gold. Never did achieve the exact shade.

We are lucky to live near a park, so we have been on butterfly hunts and leaf hunbts for pressing. The leaves that is not the butterflies! I do,. however, have a box of "deaprted butterflies" which the children have collected over the years. I am not sure what to do with them but have a kind of smug feeling that if I leave them to find when I have popped my clogs they can do with them what they will. I can hear their "Why did she keep these?" gasps already!

We did a last visit to Sumner beach before the weather gets really cruddy (been years since I've seem that word let alone used it). I went into one of the caves and took this photo looking back towards Christchurch city. I like it.
I went to the library today and I'm going to read myself silly for the next week or two!!

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Cindy said...

I am amazed you never got the "autumn leaves" hair.
In the 25 yeras I have known you, I thought you had covered every shade known to man.
Afore mentioned "man" being a fabby ,gay hairdresser.