Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day. Where did that come from, anyone know?
My wonderful girls started early today. 7.50am to be exact, the youngest one clambered into bed with me (Daddy had gone off to a mates to watch the thugby on SKY TV) and made up a story for me. Very funny, I asked her if she would come and visit me in the ol' folks home and tell me stories. She replied that she wouldn't put me in a "fossil farm", I can stay with her and she'll look after me "and make sure you don't smell funny". Yup. It would appear I've done something right somewhere along the line. They girls made me a card and a sign to stick on the mirror that says "love you Mum" so that everytime I look in the mirror I get a reminder that they love me! Oh, I also got a cook book which I had been hankering after but the copious cuddles during the day have eclipsed that.

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