Monday, May 28, 2007

Hasn't the weather been fantastic here lately! I kid you not, spent a delightful afternoon at the Christchurch Art Centre yesterday. Sunshine, stalls, great friend for company...all topped off with a visit to the nearby Dux De Lux for an ice cold Ginger Tom. For the uninitiated, Ginger Tom is an alcoholic ginger beer. Very nice, quaffable and very, very sunny Sunday afternoonish. Sans enfants. I even managed to over-park by an hour and escaped the evil ticket-nazis (yes, yes, they have a job to do and honestly I don't over park often if I can avoid it....)

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Pixie said...

great pic. nice co-ordinating friend too. I want a Ginger Tom in the sun. No, not the cat of the former residence, no thanks.