Friday, November 09, 2007

Am home with two sick kids today so while they are sleeping I am catching up on this important bit.
Now that the madness we know as Guy Fawkes is over for at least this year (if not next as well), time for a spot of comedy I say!
I have been following a show called The Flight of the Conchords...they are so funny! The humour is so dead-pan that I was surprised to find that the guys are a real hit in the USA. I didn't think the American's would get the humour.
One of the good bits of the show (I say good, the Stud says its annoying but I think he hasn't ever gotten over being forced to watch Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday) is when they go all musical. The songs are hilarious. Driving to work the other morning, Business Time was playing. Now I have to say I had the girls with me as I take them to school first then head off to work...honestly, we all had tears rolling down our faces by the time we got there. Now as I'm not too PC savvy I haven't worked out how to download the actual video (Hats off to you Simon, you are a pro at that!!) so you will need to click on the link. Trust me, its worth it.


Steve said...

Sorry to hear that you're kids are sick - but at least you're healthy and get to spend the day at home! Bonus holiday in my book! I must admit I haven't caught the show here - I'm obviously missing out. May have to mosey my mouse over the link and see what the fuss is all about...

Antipodeesse said...

Business Time is my FAVE Conchords' song.

You can put it in you blog post by copying the code where it says "Embed" and pasting it into your post.

I'll email it to you too!