Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Lido cafe in Wellington. It's been there for ages, and never fails to be a great meeting place. Met up with the friend who has now moved in with my ex. We had wine and made small talk, things have changed actually. It's kinda sad but there you go. Maybe its one of those things that time might fix, maybe not. We'll wait and see.

Meanwhile, last night we had a fantastic sunset; this is a bit of our grape plant (not sure if its the Reisling or the Chardonnay) and that rather er..."fetching" shadow is actually our umbrella (down Simon, down!)

On the way to my youngest daughter's school this morning we saw this family of ducks, they were initially stretched across the road but by the time I got my camera and had parked the car safely they had waddled off into this property. It was really sweet to see them, we last saw them about 3 weeks ago and I didn't know that ducklings grow so fast. If you click on the actual photo you get a bigger view!

Right, am off to watch The F Word. Nothing I can say to that.


Steve said...

"that rather er..."fetching" shadow is actually our umbrella (down Simon, down!)" - lol! Ha ha ha! That really made me laugh!

As for your friend, give it time... see how it pans out. Things may yet settle back down into a more comfortable familiar place...

The Sagittarian said...

Hi Steve,glad to have amused! Just goes to show that sometimes I forget the golden rule of photo taking...always check the composition!!