Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WEIRD WEDNESDAY - Boots! Proof I have a sense of humour or high fashion??

Well, went to a funeral today and made it home. That's always a plus. Mind you, I suspect I was amongst the youngest there. Also a plus, granted!
Funeral's always make me wonder about things - did people really think that when the deceased was alive? did they tell him/her? Is it true that people shag like mad after funerals? (Presumably the living anyway!!)

However, today as I watched the Lone Piper walking slowly in front of the herse, apart from wondering why they never play "Donald Where's yer troosers?" it made me think that what I really would like would be a very loud car (probably American or maybe a bright red Morris Minor with air horn) with tin cans and balloons tied to the bumper with "JUST DEAD" scribbled in shaving foam and/or whipped cream over the windows of aforementioned loud car. Does that make me a bad person? Would the council object? Could I really have a tarten coffin? (Get it? Mwaaah) Ah well, those of you who know me feel free to make sure the above happens... I won't haunt you or even peek in the windows at the wrong time. I promise.Truly. You can trust me. I am not remotely nosey. Or vindictive.

Meanwhile, had dinner tonight with my least favourite person in the world. The dreaded brother-in-law. He's so bad he'd make an onion cry.
I guess that may be a mean observation - I prefer witty and insightful.


Steve said...

Love the boots - were they gear bought especially for the funeral?

Actually I love your proposed funeral arrangements. I've always harboured a secret wish to be cast adrift on a replica viking long boat with men and women wearing horned helmets firing flaming arrows in the prow as I disappear into the sunet (or over the nearest weir of the local river) sort of like Kirk Douglas in The Vikings... and someone would have to shout "ODIN!!!!" at the top of their voice at some point. Preferably after a reading from the psalms...

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Great boots!

One of your countrywomen is my favourite folk singer Kath Tait (whom I've been privileged to share a stage with several times in London, performing my poetry!). Among her many excellent songs is the sublime 'At the Funeral' about having to go to the funeral of an elderly relative she didn't like and her thoughts on the matter.

Green funeral for me under a tree somewhere - a great excuse to preserve greenspaces too - I can't be doing with all this cremation business - am sure it must be harmful to the environment too.

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks Steve/and Poete - actually I bought those boots for my mum for Christmas last year. She really stands out in the garden, she was worried if she went toes up no-one would notice so I got her those. You can see her for miles now!