Friday, August 22, 2008


It was pointed out to me that TORCHWOOD is an anagram of Doctor Who. Personally I think the similarity ends there.

I have perservered with this programme but to be honest I find it...light. Sure Cap'n Jack is pretty but the storyline doesn't really grab me. Most of it is so...obvious? Yes, obvious. Annoying Gwen and Brash Owen...yep, saw that coming (so to speak,the servile fella with the weird name? I call him Alfred...well, his part is a bit Batman and Robin isn't it? And of course the long-suffering Toshiko. I guess I was expecting so much more from this programme, especially considering the numerous references to Torchwood through out the Dr Who series. Sorry, for me it's 'close but no sigar' for this one. I'll keep watching it tho' as the Scowly Teen and I sit up together to watch it and she likes to snuggle up and for the Scowly Teen that's a plus I'll take!!


The Poet Laura-eate said...

Gorgeous as he is, 'tis hard to lust after Cap'n Jack knowing the best we could hope for is promotion to SBF (Straight Best Friend)!

But yes, the storylines are also decidedly thin and I flip away quite quickly on the occasions I have tried to get into it.

The Sagittarian said...

Laura, exactly! I will drag on thru to the end of this series and see how things shape up but I'm not hopeful!!

Steve said...

The second series does improve as there one or two "serious" plot twists. On the whole though you've already sussed the problem out: Torchwood promised much but never quite delivered. Owen will grow on you though. Gwen I remain ambivalent about. And Ianto (Alfred) is just a glorified doorman / teaboy.

Old Cheeser said...

I know exactly what you mean Amanda, and as Steve was saying, over here in Pommyland we've all experienced the "Torchwood" disappointment thing already, having seen Series One a couple of years ago. But like you, we kept watching it in the hope it would improve. As a die hard Whovian, for me T-Wood never reached the dizzy heights of Dr Who, trying to act all "adult" but instead coming across like it was trying too hard in the process. The characters were also hard to warm to and the plotlines rather pedestrian.

However there are compensations - as Steve mentions, Series Two DOES get better - the formerley annoying Brash Owen gets a very interesting plot line and the main cast actually start to become more likeable - so it is worth persevering in some respects. Also I don't know if you've reached there yet but there are two above average - i.e. quite good - stories this season, "Out of Time" and "End of Days", both by Catherine Treganna I think - they have a kind of poetry to them that some of the other episodes clearly lacked. Oh and I liked the story with the fairies too - sinister and creepy and written by an author who once penned a great British fantasy show, Sapphire and Steel. So there!

The Sagittarian said...

Steve, Simon - ok, I will continue for this season. If you're wrong - you owe me big time vino. I will pass go and I will collect more than 200!!!