Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some photos to amuse you in my absence

Now believe it or not, I took this photo a few years ago at the Moeraki Boulders. Somehow this pine cone had wedged itself in between the rocks and waited there until I came along! How cool is that. I have to say this is one of my favourite pix.

This photo below is of our 11 year old, taken on the Manly Ferry in Sydney earlier this year. I love this one too especially in the black and white! I loved Manly, the name itself is a showstopper.

So, am about to fly off again this time to Palmerston North and on to Wanganui (where the debate is raging about adding an "H" to the city's name).
Apparently there is a Ministry of Names and they have nothing else to do but consider place names, street names etc and then (with expert use of tax-payer funds) set about changing things - usually to annoy people as there appears to be little else involved!


Owen said...

Two lovely shots !

And one wonders where the Medusa legend got started...

As for the first one, several thoughts crossed my (sick?) mind... the tamest one being something about Elizabeth Taylor's cleavage and a strawberry that may have fallen off a dessert spoon.

No, banish that thought, it's just a beautiful nature shot, really extraordinary that you caught it. I like black and white too, as you have guessed by now. Pardon me, Liz...

Steve said...

Great photos - real "moments" both of them. The first waiting yoru arrival for perhaps years, the second caught in a split second... but both united by your clever eye.

Brother Tobias said...

Off again? Good for you! Great pics. Will you go back one day and find a young pine tree growing there?

Mike said...

Great photos.

Enjoy your time away and hurry back!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I hope your daughter survived being eaten alive by seaweed!

;- )

The villager: said...

I love the wild hair picture !

The Sagittarian said...

Owen, thank you! High praise from a great photographer such as yourself, I'd send you a chocolate fish but those busy bodies at Custioms can get funny about that sort of thing.

Steve - very kind, and yes that was actually the only cone on the entire stretch of beach!

BT - I wonder! It was certainly wedged in there very well.

Mike - I am back but have found things got away on me in my absence and I now have some catching up to do! Note to self - next time, marry for money, can marry for love any ol' time!

Poet - haha, yes she did. Mind you, she enjoyed the ferry ride so much we went on it several times.

Villager - it's a good one eh? Was rather hadr to comb out at bed time however!!