Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The well-fed happy and lazy

According to todays paper, us Kiwis are happy, well-fed (read: FAT) and lazy. We think of food and drink in a similar vein to the French apparently (hooray! the braincells haven't been lost to just any ol' cause)

As for myself, well I do a bit of eating. I have posted enough recipes here to prove that. I also have done my share of drinking...well, maybe I'm still working on that one. I think sharing is great and I'm prepared to do my bit. Line 'em, bar keep, and I'll do the rest.

Sleeping? Now thats another world altogether. I reckon that sometime in the past 13.5 years I have lost the art of having a good kip. I blame the crotchfruit/offspring/sconegrabbers/curtain 'em what you will, but kids are not good for one's ability to sleep. Even now, my sprogs are happy to sleep thru the night which since they're 14 and 11 (sorry, nearly 12) is something I am grateful for, no even now I find that once I'm actually awake - I can no longer go back to sleep and stay that way for hours. I have to get up and drink tea at 8am on a Sunday because of this design fault. The Stud can sleep for Africa. Why is that??

Now, in keeping with the NZ music month (and visit this site for photograph month, Chris is an old friend of mine. When we lived in the same city he very kindly let me use his darkroom and in exchange for a bottle of wine or two would happily show me how to develop the black and whites which I loved doing so much. I was even a model for him altho he says model, I suspect maybe he meant horrible example! However, check him out as he's a Kiwi who has done good).

The music video is obviously from the 80s...


meggie said...

There is no doubt about it, Kiwi's generally know how to have the best time at a feast! We lunched out yesterday, & there was a huge Maori family gathering present, with lots & lots of the 'crotchfruit' -love that- & as it was an All You Can Eat Buffet, they had a ball!! The kinder were so polite & well behaved, & even ate vegetables & 'the good stuff'.
We also dined well, & positively waddled from the Restaraunt!

Steve said...

"Kiwis are happy, well-fed and lazy."

I suspect the first point is qualified by the other 2.

Sounds perfectly sane to me.

I want to be a Kiwi!

The Sagittarian said...

Meggie - sounds like you had a great day out! I'm a failure at those all-you-can-eat places as I am a grazer and can't eat too much in one go (but give me time and I can eat heaps!)

Steve - you get your passport ready and we'll be at the airport to welcome you and yours!

Owen said...

Mr Coad's photos are indeed extraordinary... liked them so much as to have just added a link to his page in my "Don't Miss" list... hmmm, Mr Coad & Mr Toad... may be on to something there. And I agree with Steve, I think I must also be a kiwi at heart... better warn your immigration authorities, if this word keeps spreading, there's going to be a big influx of applications.

And isn't this remarkable... not one single pun today... the pundits must still be in bed... well, have to run, am looking for more places for the next bonfire party...

Jo said...

You have a fun blog. I'm going to ... um ... borrow your Moroccan chicken recipe, if that's okay with you. It looks wonderful...! I love food too. Canadians are also happy, well-fed and lazy.

My brother has been to New Zealand, and he loved it.

The villager: said...

It sounds like the ideal life over there Sag !

All that natural beauty, and decent grub too.

The Sagittarian said...

Owen - Mr Coad is most appreciative! As for the puns, well we had a bit of a rough day here and they weren't next post will probably explain that.

Jo - hello and welcome, thank you for your kind words. I hope you drop by again, and you're welcome to tehr ecipe...better make a lot as people will be coming back for seconds I assure you!

Villager - ah yes, it is a lovely country and if you ever get the chance you should visit! My boss has just come back from a work trip to Denmark (the boys still get the trips away) and he showed me some beautiful photos he took while in York as well.

Mike said...

The older I get, the better I sleep. I must just be preparing for that big dirt-nap!