Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Tipple

Gloom Chaser

30ml Grand Marnier
30ml orange Curacao
30ml Lemon Juice
7ml Grenadine

Pour all ingredients into shaker, shake then strain into serving glass. (I'd use a champagne saucer).

And the reason you will need a Gloom Chaser is because of what I am about to tell you.....(drum roll....)

IT WAS 26 degrees at 9.15pm LAST NIGHT, I got to sit on the deck and sip a cold glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc - summer is finally on it's way.


Owen said...

Oh, and now you are adding insult to injury ! I swear, this is really cruel and unusual ! Just think of poor Lynne up there in the far north of Canada where the polar bears roam and the nights are getting shorter and shorter ! And me your bro in grey rainy France... oh oh oh and oh ! May just have to drink a few of those gloom chasers...

Owen said...

Oh boy, and I got here first too, do I get a door prize or something ???

GooseBreeder said...

Door prize for Owen then and poor him in grey rainy France!
Yes it's delightful here in sunny Oz, no more so than today but then he knows that I expect but feel sorry for him...hard to!
PS you can't beat the oldies.

The Sagittarian said...

Oh dear, I could have sworn we were made of sterner stuff than that, poor Soft Sod Twin! Here, I've made you a bucketful as your prize, no door prize we need the door to keep out the undesirables!!

Goosebreeder - hello and welcome to the bar! I'll pop over and peek at which part of Oz you may be in, hopefully keeping out of fire's way tho! Owen needs to toughen up a bit, I feel so sorry for him tho' trpped in FRANCE and going to all those wonderful french places...

rb said...

Sigh! How I long for summertime.

Still it's just as well it's not summertime over here. I am so sex-starved that if women were walking around in summer clothes there is no accounting for what I might do. At least they're all muffled up under duvet coats.


Right, now where's that Gloom Chaser, I definitely need it!

louciao said...

No need to pity me just yet, dear sibs! Monday found me striding down the streets of Montreal in short skirt, tights, unlined knee-high leather boots, leather jacket plus jaunty scarf & sun glasses, smiling in the sunshine and giving thanks for every November day without snow.

Due to this unseasonal weather, the polar bears have not yet migrated to these southern Canadian climes so, fortunately, I did not have to carry a large stun gun with me for protection.

WV: ingsh ''Give Owen an ingsh and he'll take a mile.''

Steve said...

Make mine a double...!

The Sagittarian said...

RB - oh you do make me laugh, let's hope December gets there ASAP eh?

Louciao - oooh, sounds like the Polar Bears had better carry the stun guns - your outfit sounds very stunning in its own right! Good that Owen is worried about you tho'...

Steve - double bucket it is! ;-)

Meggie said...

My absolute favourite white wine!
I could sit beside the river & sip (or guzzle), that any evening!

The Sagittarian said...

Meggie - come on over, there's always a bottle of it in the fridge. Shall I put your name on it? :-)