Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The best day of the year


VioletSky said...

is it your birthday???
and am I the first to wish you a HAPPY BERFDAY?

Go celebrate!
(and bring back stories)

louciao said...

I can just picture the terrific fiery blast you will create when you blow the candles out after all the celebratory drinking! Be careful of your eyebrows!

The Sagittarian said...

Violet - yes and yes! Thanks very much, and stories later in the week! :-)

Louciao - haha, the fire department just arrived at our building and someone asked me if they were there to help with the candles! Cheeky sods.

kj said...

happy birthday, sag.

i like a girl who's not afraid to celebrate herself!


Pixie said...

yikes I forgot. bad bad Pixie.
happy b-day baby! I'll go find my b-day book and remind myself which day it is.

UberGrumpy said...

Cool! Kiwi blogger! I went to Christchurch once. It was closed

The Sagittarian said...

kj - I am such a xoward, otherwise I would say actually how old I am now. gulp.

Pixie -its ok love, I know where you live!! (oh and I knw whe its your birthday......)

Grumpy - ah, that would have been that day ending in "y".

Steve said...

Have a wonderful birthday, chuck!Hope you have a great time and yet don't get hammered with a hangover - that is surely the best present of all?